Translation of production in Spanish:


fabricación, n.

Pronunciation /prəˈdʌkʃ(ə)n//prəˈdəkʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    • 1.1(manufacture)

      fabricación feminine
      producción feminine
      (costs) (before noun) de producción
      the car goes into production next year el coche empezará a fabricarse el año entrante
      • to take sth out of production dejar de fabricar algo
      • we expect production to be in full swing by mid-January pensamos estar en plena producción para mediados de enero
      • production manager (in show business) jefe de producción or realización
      • production model modelo de serie

    • 1.2(output)

      producción feminine
      car/coal production producción automovilística/de carbón
      • There is likely to be a leveling off in total U.S. production in years to come.
      • Total worldwide production of wafers this year amounts to 57 million wafers.
      • The steel production capacity will rise to some two million tons a year, compared to the current 1.2 million tons.
      • The total production for the entire lode amounted to 1,080,628,993 pounds of copper.
      • Lathe plotted the actual and relative growth of the trees by year against total nickel production in Canada.
      • Total production of the powerplant could be as high as 1.5 million units worldwide.
      • China, the world's largest coal producer, consumes 31 percent of total global coal production.
      • For the first time in history the country's total production has fallen for four years in a row.
      • There has been very little change in recent years in the total amount of lead production or in the percentage of recycled lead.
      • Much of the surface gold was worked out within five years, and production peaked in 1900.
      • Knoc has ambitions to expand production from its current total of 19 projects in 14 countries.
      • These wines constitute 18 per cent of the total production of quality wines.
      • Last year, it stamped out 7.3 billion pennies, more than half of its total coin production.
      • Of the total mango production in the country, the State's share is 7.74 per cent.
      • That figure is just short of Thailand's total production last year from all automakers here.
      • Last year the total production of Scottish salmon was 120,000 tonnes.
      • About half of that total production of sugar in this country comes from sugar beets, and the other half from cane sugar.
      • Last year China produced 1.03 billion tonnes of coal or one third of the total world production.
      • Its annual steel production is 2.6 million tons increasing in 1975 to 4.1 million tons.
      • This is the first time in more than 20 years that total production fell below the three million mark.

  • 2

    presentación feminine
    on production of the correct documents al presentar la documentación correspondiente
    • I had the pleasure of appearing with and directing him in many productions.
    • For a limited period, the normal design fee of £30 is waived on production of the voucher on this page.
    • Holders of leaflets wishing to attend the race meeting on production of the said leaflet could bring a friend on a free of charge entry to the course.
    • Osmond Tearle staged a fashionably spectacular production at Stratford in 1889, with himself playing Talbot.
    • The Royal Opera regularly calls on members of Tiffin Boys' Choir to appear in its productions.
    • She championed the classics, with lavish productions of Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty.
    • Monica was asked whether she had considered taking the new production of The Sleeping Beauty to Russia.
    • The film is the first in a series of Disney productions based on Lewis's Narnia stories.
    • Everyone who has seen the original BBC production expects this film to live up to the hype.
    • They will perform two of the most spectacular of their productions, Swan Lake and La Bayadere.
    • The seats are on a first come first served basis, only for members, on production of the membership card.
    • The huge task of putting this production together falls to director Simon Barry, 49, from London.
    • The concession also applies to members of the armed services on production of a warrant card.
    • Theatre companies are staging productions in nightclubs, pubs and sitting rooms.
    • Officers will be able to ride free on buses on production of their warrant card.
    • The school stages about three productions a year and is making plans for its spring performance.
    • La Juive was one of the most spectacular productions ever to grace the Paris Opera.
    • The tickets cost £25 on production of the special letter and a utility bill proving that the resident lives at the address.
    • Their influence can still be seen in independent and arthouse productions to this day.
    • This discount is in addition to the 50 per cent refund on production of the match ticket from the abandoned game.
    • There are some amusing characters and catchy songs and we're using the original set drawings for our production.
    • They will be putting on two productions, one for the juniors, and one for the seniors.
    • Andy Arnold is artistic director of the Arches and the man behind both forthcoming productions.
    • Not every element in Eda Holmes's production is as carefully considered as the writing.
    • Each production is a magical creation set within its own world of extraordinary music, choreography and gravity defying feats.
    • The colours are bright yet muted, as often found in relatively low budget productions.
    • As well as numerous stage roles he has also appeared in many film and television productions.
    • Seating will be on a first come first served basis and on production of identity cards.
    • Limited student tickets will be available at the venue on the show days only on production of a valid student identity card.
    • Compustore says that it can arrange credit within two or three hours on production of identity, proof of address and bank details.
    • Nevertheless, the Fringe remains a test bed for some interesting and radical productions.
    • Entry is free to York residents on production of a York Card.
    • The receipt will reach the customer who on production of the same at the theatre complex will be permitted to view the movies.
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    Cinema Theatre
    (staging, version)
    producción feminine
    the Broadway production of the show la versión del espectáculo / la producción que se presentó en Broadway
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    • 4.1(act of producing)

      Television Cinema producción feminine
      Theatre puesta en escena feminine
      Theatre producción feminine
      • This tends to be accompanied by rising inventories and followed by reduced manufacturing production.
      • News this week that U.S. manufacturers increased production in August for the first time in nine months is encouraging.
      • Demand for the single jab has dropped around the world as a result of the high uptake of the triple vaccine, leading manufacturers to stop production.
      • It also expects to outsource production to other manufacturers.
      • An important programme for the export of basic components for medicine production has been introduced.
      • Imports of a wide array of consumer goods will grow as more Japanese manufacturers shift production to China.
      • Three BBC Outside Broadcast production units will be on site, plus two recording units.
      • This is the process of moving a product from raw material, to production, to delivery, to paid invoice.
      • This new project marks Cvejic's return into the creative side of television production.
      • By the late 1890s, he had developed a successful commercial film production and processing business.
      • What the film lacks in production values it makes up for in heart, sharing with us a tale most film audiences rarely see.
      • Nonetheless, Rod is another director for whom a studio is rushing to get a film in production before The Strike.
      • Despite the magisterial production values, the film lies lifeless as though still on the page.
      • The biggest stockpiles are held by chip manufacturers who upped production on the back of the high demand experienced in the first half of 2004.
      • He recently wrapped production on the feature film Lone Star State of Mind.
      • The whole space is equipped for television and film production, including private spaces for greenrooms and dressing rooms.
      • Testing is a key part of the production process before a film emerges fully in the public domain.
      • The Buckley-type character will only be referred to in the move as ‘The Musician’ and a script is in production.
      • He was working as a film set production manager on location in Bangkok at the time of his death.
      • During any year there are something like a dozen feature films in production here.
      • Pier Productions has a strong track record in radio production in drama, factual and comedy.
      • An emission permit is a right to consume carbon and emit carbon dioxide in the course of production or manufacturing.
      • It's also fascinating to get more insight into how writing and production of television programmes work.
      • Costs are a function of tile size and the manufacturer's production volume and processes.
      • While manufacturing production is slowing, service sector activity has remained buoyant.
      • Shot on film, production values were high throughout the 23 episodes and all of them were very funny.
      • I met practically everybody involved in production because they all had to come to my tiny cubicle to get their films spliced.
      • Vulnerabilities can also be the result of an oversight in software production by the manufacturer.
      • They became importers of components and machinery for production as well as exporters.
      • Foremost this entails shooting on film with a budget comparable with that of modern feature film production.
      • It's pretty amazing how vivid his memories are considering how long ago the film was in production.
      • As far as the studio see it, its worth it, to cancel a film so late in production costs them a lot more than whatever it costs to fix the script.
      • There were drops in the prices of all stocks of companies whose raw materials or production costs are excise-sensitive.
      • This particular Toby Jug is one of a huge range done by Royal Doulton, and it was introduced in 1975 and has been in production ever since.
      • It's basically the story of how, during the course of the war, he converted his toy manufacturing to weapons production.
      • Meanwhile, gun manufacturers ramped up production and cut prices by half in the World War I era.
      • Opel has been behind the trend to outsource component production.
      • After that, factory production dominated manufacturing, and most people moved to cities.
      • Manufacturers are stepping up production to keep pace with increasing exports to China and the US.
      • The film is currently in production by Seattle's Arkham Productions.

    • 4.2Radio Theatre

      dirección feminine