Translation of profanity in Spanish:


irreverencia, n.

Pronunciation /prəˈfænədi//prəˈfanɪti/

nounPlural profanities

  • 1

    (blasphemy, vulgarity)
    irreverencia feminine
    blasfemia feminine
    • We cut back to the splitscreen view so we can also see the studio anchorman, who's obviously similarly at a loss by the outburst of profanity.
    • But the key words in understanding swearing, as opposed to coarse language or mere profanity, are taboo and shock.
    • His highly polished boots and the ivory-handled revolvers strapped to his hips were all part of this posturing, as was the profanity of his language.
    • Zora raises her hand: ‘Never use profanity or inappropriate language.’
    • Now let me be quite clear that I'm not the kind of person given to the use of profanity or offensive language.
    • Whenever I use profanity in my posts, the language in the comments inevitably becomes coarser.
    • Similarly, don't use profanity, obscenity, slander or libel.
    • Janis Joplin is fined $200 for violating local profanity and obscenity laws for her performance after a concert in Tampa, Florida.
    • Mercedes was taken back by the sudden change of emotion on Jake's face and his abrupt outburst of profanity.
    • The atmosphere of the billiard room, it was suggested in South Shields, was also conducive to profanity and bad language.
  • 2

    (swear word)
    blasfemia feminine
    • I won't even delve into the profanities this elicited in explosive bursts as I read his latest missive taking me to task for this or that.
    • And then, all of a sudden Garrett is taking a solo so unbelievably impassioned, he has me screaming profanities.
    • We hastily examined the despatched message to check that an obscenity or profanity had not somehow slipped in, or that a word could have been misinterpreted.
    • His mumbled curses and profanities were becoming more and more apparent.
    • When a song makes you want to get up and dance, hug someone, grope someone and shout profanities all at once, is it special or are you?
    • May I be so bold as to encourage the use of profanities… for real… not just symbols.
    • Interestingly enough, I avoided emitting a stream of profanities as I made a completely futile attempt to steer.
    • Looking over my shoulder, it was alarming to see 20 people in black charging through gravestones, mouthing profanities.
    • That means the music is turned down to a tolerable level and the arguments peppered with colourful church-related profanities begins.
    • I didn't notice him until he ejected a stream of swear words and profanities when we were told to leave the train and wait on platform three.