Translation of profess in Spanish:


manifestar, v.

Pronunciation /prəˈfɛs//prəˈfɛs/

transitive verb

  • 1formal

    (outrage/belief/desire) manifestar
    (desire/outrage/belief) expresar
    to profess to + inf
    • I don't profess to know anything about chemistry no presumo de saber (nada) de química
    • he professed to be an expert pretendía ser un experto
    • Then there is the major dichotomy between those who practice and profess any religion and those who are just born into them.
    • Acknowledging that professing a liking for ska can be a rock band's death wish, O'Dell stands by their tastes.
    • Ask him about it, though, and he still professes amazement that he was even allowed on to the stage.
    • So the object of my desires has just professed her true feelings for me, what now?
    • More than one-third of the people profess no religion.
    • Article 18 protects theistic, non-theistic and atheistic beliefs, as well as the right not to profess any religion or belief.
    • They talked far more to the media, sponsors and loved ones - professing eternal devotion - than to each other (clocking up 5000 minutes on the phone).
    • He died as a tyrant should, surrounded by people professing their love and loyalty and all wishing him dead.
    • Throughout the years consumers have professed their lifelong love of America's number one mustard.
    • In the television show, Homer responds by ineptly professing his love for Marge, who later goes to him at the nuclear power plant where he works.
    • Whenever hurt feelings are professed, there is also a prepared story that ‘gives reason’ for the assumption of political emotion.
    • Katia, who often professes her strong feelings for David and calls him ‘my love,’ is gradually coded as the romantic of the couple with near-manic depressive outbursts of sudden weeping, laughing, and anger.
    • Alanon does not profess a religion, nor is it organized as a group.
    • In the Antilles, the masters, from father to son, have been professing the Christian religion ever since slavery was established there.
    • It is not a matter of belonging to a religion or professing one's faith, it is a matter of orientation in life and participation in its mysteries.
    • Do I mean everybody who professes an orthodox creed, and bows his head at the belief?
    • Carr often professes admiration for the sage detachment of the ancient Roman emperor-philosopher Marcus Aurelius.
    • This is precisely because it is a multi-religious country with substantial segments of the population professing various religions like Islam, Christianity, Sikhism and Buddhism.
    • Haslam professes an enthusiasm for lots of stuff all the time, and that's certainly been a keynote of Schvedtar's tenure on Edmonton stages.
    • Anyhow, Ross is onscreen now, professing his love for Rachel, although she's in another room.
    • She can smell them out at 100 paces - even if they appear initially to be bearing roses and professing undying love.
    • Raikkonen still professes confidence in his team, but admits that testing has proved problematic.
    • It starts to dawn on you that the only reason you profess the religion you do is because of the influence of your parents and your upbringing.
    • Pupils at Paxcroft Primary School are preparing to send and receive cards in the run-up to Saturday, when thousands of people across west Wiltshire will profess their true feelings to loved ones.
    • Not a day went by that she did not wish to go back in time to deny Nelson, and profess her true feelings.
    • He also wrote her long letters professing his undying love.
    • This mass migration has brought peoples professing various religions to live in areas where those religions have not been known widely.
    • After that very day, where they professed their feelings for each other, Matthew and I spent almost all of all time together, alone.
    • Lauren Bacall stars as Lucy, about to marry Kyle when Rock Hudson's Mitch professes his undying love.
    • I don't pretend to profess great grief (and it's nobody's business if I feel it anyway), but it feels disrespectful not to mark it and also pleasing to have the opportunity to do so.
  • 2

    (religion/faith) profesar

reflexive verb


  • 1

    to profess oneself unhappy/satisfied manifestarse descontento/satisfecho