Translation of professed in Spanish:


declarado, adj.

Pronunciation /prəˈfɛst//prəˈfɛst/


  • 1

    (socialist) declarado
    (christian) profeso
    • By which they both meant that any professed happiness must swiftly pass, strained through gritted teeth.
    • Could we not argue instead that his professed beliefs merely reflect the needs of the hour?
    • A professed lesbian and the only daughter to have left home, she is now a successful university professor who has no intentions of leaving her life in Minneapolis.
    • I'm a devout monarchist, a professed atheist, and I'm working on my fourth novel.
    • By contrast, professed believers claim that only bodily processes cease at death - some kind of spiritual/mental existence continues.
    • This revival began with a deep conviction of sin on the part of the professed people of God, the members of the Jewish church.
    • They could call me to account when my actions didn't match my professed beliefs.
    • Diplomacy is often compared to poker, even when conducted between professed friends.
    • The Malaysian-born Sebastian is a Pentecostal Christian teacher from Adelaide, and professed virgin.
    • How many professed atheists are there in Congress?
    • As discussed below, there are relatively few votes at issue here; it is fair to infer that, notwithstanding their professed confidence, the Democrats are expecting a very tight Senate race.
    • Bottoms's own professed interest in Jung also invites that particular psychological approach.
    • His professed love for things other than club-friendly material might be an indication of where Page's head is at, why it's not yet lost in the clouds of high-paying gigs and international renown.
    • In spite of their professed desire to modernize, many Qing officials believed that the basic principles of Chinese statecraft were based on Confucian prescriptions.
    • The way this has been announced contrasts sharply with their professed belief in partnership.
    • After seeing him close his mouth, I abruptly turned away and resumed staring at the idiotic carvings of professed lovers, etched into my desk.
    • Fortunately, there seems to be little evidence that Prendergast's team of translators shares his professed desire to rough Proust up a bit.
    • It's harder yet to grasp its significance: the rant against the Roman Antichrist, the intolerance to all outside God's true church, the professed loyalty to the King's Majesty are now alien.
    • He was, for a time, the ‘boy lover’ of the notorious Victoria Woodhull, herself a professed rebel.
    • That sort of unintended leverage greatly sweetened the deal on behalf of the professed owners, a lot more than the intruders cared to admit to each other.
  • 2

    (friend) supuesto
    (friend) pretendido