Translation of professedly in Spanish:


declaradamente, adv.

Pronunciation /prəˈfɛsɪdli//prəˈfɛsədli/



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    • The secular press and politicians are professedly scared of a right-wing ‘takeover’ of the United States and its cherished institutions.
    • To be sure, many worldly-wise, professedly neutral Washington types will read this book as the self-serving defense of a wounded partisan.
    • It is about all of us in the context of a professedly multi-cultural society which should conform to the constitutional legitimacy of a social, democratic and secular republic.
    • They need not moralize about conservation and efficiency as ‘personal virtue,’ although they also need not be as curiously skittish of that notion as this professedly pious administration.
    • In today's Europe - professedly pacifist, postnationalist, antihegemonic - an expression like ‘axis of evil’ wins few friends, and the idea of actually confronting the axis of evil still fewer.
    • It must be said that a professedly cash strapped County Board has fouled up a great chance to pull in some badly needed revenue by playing these two games at separate venues on Sunday.
    • Yet each feels terrible about his own hypocrisy and accompanying appetites for what he professedly hates, and so looks to express angst on the cheap.
    • For one thing, they assume that Sartre's movement toward a professedly revolutionary stance should be judged by its own claims.
    • Even among the professedly deeply religious, actions don't always match up so well with the tenets of belief.
    • Weeding out professedly gay applicants is one, rather brutal, way of restoring the balance.