Translation of profile in Spanish:


perfil, n.

Pronunciation /ˈproʊˌfaɪl//ˈprəʊfʌɪl/


  • 1

    • 1.1(side view)

      perfil masculine
      in profile de perfil
      • The side skirt profiles of the Haddonfield tables all rise in the center whereas this one drops.
      • I came out of the shower not too long ago and looked at my side profile in the mirror.
      • The guy turned slightly and Rika managed to catch his side profile.
      • I was speechless as I stared at the side profile of his face.
      • Lynn was wearing too much makeup, like always, and her side profile made her nose look like it protruded too far out from the rest of her face.
      • Germany's Bild newspaper accused Mercedes of copying its Munich-based rival and published pictures of the two cars' interiors, tails and side profiles, asking readers to spot the difference.
      • I have been told that my side profile is less rotund.
      • Once he had finished dressing he stood in front of the mirror and smiled proudly at his side profile.
      • She studied herself from the front, then turned to the side and inspected her profile.
      • It turns heads with its front, side and rear profiles.

    • 1.2(outline)

      perfil masculine
      contorno masculine

  • 2

    perfil masculine
    (written) reseña feminine
    profiles of several young authors reseñas sobre varios escritores jóvenes feminine
    • an accurate consumer profile un perfil fiable del consumidor tipo
    • psychological/DNA profile perfil psicológico/del AND
    • Live Wire also contains backstage stories and profiles, including an article on Jon Marans as background for Old Wicked Songs.
    • I was reading this Guardian article on customer profiles of supermarket shoppers, and it got me thinking about my own habits.
    • His most recent feature article was a profile of Elaine Pagels in the November 2004 issue.
    • He wrote a short profile on each member of the panel that was on board the plane that evening.
    • There'll be at least an extra column every Thursday on our website, where track descriptions, driver profiles and results also will be found.
    • The idea is simple: 99 people, products, services or organizations that are remarkable, each with a short profile.
    • Even for the short profiles of the individual Pacific Islands nations and territories, not one of the authors is an indigenous Pacific Islander.
    • The Guardian also has a short profile, with some links to other articles…
    • The other article was a profile on noted Minneapolis artist Armajani and his newest exhibit.
    • He also slides in short profiles of the key players, including Turner's nemesis Gerald Levin, who was then CEO of the new Time Warner AOL.
  • 3

    to raise the profile of educational matters dar más relieve a las cuestiones relativas a la enseñanza
    • the army had a high profile in national life el ejército tenía un papel preponderante / ocupaba un lugar destacado en la vida del país
    • to keep a low profile tratar de pasar desapercibido / de no llamar la atención

transitive verb

  • 1

    (situation) hacer un esbozo de
    to profile sb's life hacer una reseña biográfica de algn
    • the designer will be profiled in our next issue el próximo número incluye una nota / reseña sobre el diseñador
    • Following in the footsteps of bloggers much bigger and better than myself, I am profiled in today's edition of Norm's weekly foray into the minds of men.
    • Years ago I profiled him, prompting a complaint that I had described him as middle-class, since his father was a doctor.
    • His own personal high point was profiling George VI for BBC2's Reputations - although the Thatcher series gained him most attention.
    • Time magazine profiled her among 100 of the world's leaders.
    • A sharp female journalist has profiled him as a misanthropic failure, not a truth-seeker but a preacher, his life shaped by a rivalry with God that has destroyed his family and friendships.
    • I intend to write an article profiling Chris Raab, co-star of the MTV reality show Jackass and most recently Viva La Bam.
    • I understand the primary focus of the article was to profile the artist and not to discuss a political situation in a third-world country.
    • We started profiling him here on ‘America's Most Wanted.’
    • He was profiled in Los Angeles Magazine a couple of years ago in an article entitled ‘Is this the Most Hated Man in Hollywood?’
    • The article profiled Charles River Laboratories and gave the impression that the company is increasing its efforts at developing and marketing nonanimal tests.