Translation of profit in Spanish:


ganancias, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈprɒfɪt//ˈprɑfət/


  • 1

    Business Economics
    (feminine plural) ganancias
    (masculine plural) beneficios
    (feminine plural) utilidades Latin America
    they didn't make a profit no sacaron ganancias
    • to sell sth at a profit vender algo con ganancia
    • they sold their house at a good profit hicieron bastante dinero con la venta de la casa
    • this service does not operate at a profit este servicio no es rentable
    • we made a profit of $2,000 obtuvimos utilidades de $2.000
    • there's no profit in farming these days hoy en día la agricultura no es rentable / no da dinero
    • to take profits realizar beneficios
    • with-profits insurance seguro-ahorro
    • before noun profit and loss account cuenta de ganancias y pérdidas
    • profit forecast predicción de ganancias / beneficios
    • the profit motive el lucro
  • 2

    they turned the situation to their own profit utilizaron la situación para su propio provecho
    • there's no profit to be had by arguing with him no se saca / no se gana nada discutiendo con él

intransitive verb

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    sacar provecho de
    beneficiarse de
    she profited greatly from the experience la experiencia le aprovechó mucho
    • Chinese farmers hope to earn big profits selling fox pelts into the Russian and Chinese markets.
    • Many people confuse the workings of capitalism that lead to lower costs and greater profits with free trade.
    • Margins are so thin that even modest growth will translate into a big percentage gain in profits.
    • After all, hardware gets faster, storage gets bigger, and profits soar higher.
    • He said the company's second-quarter net profit was also pressured by lower earnings from its investments.
    • Pretax corporate profits rose by a total of 23.5 percent over the three years.
    • This is an application of profits already earned, not a cost in earning the profits.
    • By most accounts, foreign shrimp farms are earning reasonably healthy profits.
    • If their reversal generates excessive exchange rate movements they are able to earn large profits.
    • In return, community members were told, local people could reap far greater profits from sustainable sale of wool.
    • It might place a cap on prices if it seems that mobile phone operators are making huge profits at the expense of the customer.
    • They are joint-stock organizations whose principal purpose is to maximize profits for their shareholders.
    • Industry special interests always have lobbyists pushing to maximize short-term profits at the expense of the environment.
    • Since most do not operate to earn profits, these enterprises do not pay dividends to shareholders.
    • In the same period, after-tax corporate profits rose by 41.2 per cent.
    • While full-year pre-tax profits were flat at £600m, the company's recent performance warrants some optimism.
    • Non-residents are only taxed on income or profits earned from Irish sources.
    • Jobs have been slashed, productivity has skyrocketed, and profits have soared.
    • Firms that operate in imperfectly competitive markets may earn economic profits.
    • The author could then reap profits from the sales of his work in the territory concerned.