Translation of profiterole in Spanish:


profiterol, n.

Pronunciation /prəˈfɪdəˌroʊl//prəˈfɪtərəʊl/


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    profiterol masculine
    • Throwing my heart monitor out the window I plumped (no pun intended) for the dessert of fresh profiteroles served with butterscotch sauce.
    • To finish I had Italian-style profiteroles, filled with ice cream.
    • A good bottle of Australian Sémillon Chardonnay, at £10, washed the lot down admirably and, with just a bit of room to spare, we chose cinnamon apple fritters with fresh cream and profiteroles for dessert.
    • From golden profiteroles filled with vanilla or espresso ice cream, to a warm wedge of tender chocolate cake, I can't imagine any chocolate dessert that wouldn't be improved by being doused with a nice drizzle of this.
    • Despite feeling full we were tempted by the dessert board which included profiteroles, brownies and banana brûlée.
    • This exotic, faintly ridiculous dish more than makes up for the dank profiteroles, served with what tasted like canned whipped cream.
    • For dessert, Liz chose a creme caramel, and I opted for chocolate profiteroles, both for £2.25.
    • Desserts here have been a weak link, from a tough-crusted fruit tart to tough-skinned profiteroles to a too-goopy bread pudding.
    • Nick opted for some vanilla ice, while I went for profiteroles served with a zabaglione and chocolate sauce.
    • I was pretty full but determined to sample one of the puddings, selecting profiteroles and cream for £2.75, while my son asked for chocolate sponge.
    • The profiteroles I sampled were soggy, and the purplish lavender crème brûlée tasted a little too much like bath soap.
    • I had warm chocolate Brownies, with pouring cream, and Mike had profiteroles.
    • So we ordered the profiteroles in white chocolate sauce and two spoons.
    • There are also sundaes (hot fudge and strawberry) along with profiteroles smothered in fudge sauce, and a frosty root beer float.
    • Although it is now beyond eight and the clock is ticking louder than a bomb, we are determined not to forgo profiteroles, and pear tart with honey ice cream.
    • Neither of us had dessert, though they sounded tempting: white chocolate and brownie crème brûlée or Belgian chocolate profiterole gateaux with honey roast almonds.
    • Jayne had a healthy portion of profiteroles with hot chocolate sauce, which came with chocolate ice cream.
    • I reckon it's safe to claim success in the lazing stakes when the highlight of your day is a chocolate profiterole.
    • There was also a Frankenstein-size profiterole and an ambitious apple tart capped with brown-sugar sauce.
    • Pudding lovers looking for something full of eastern promise might be disappointed though: the desserts on offer were profiteroles, fruit salad and tiramisu - all at £2.95.