Translation of profound in Spanish:


profundo, adj.

Pronunciation /prəˈfaʊnd//prəˈfaʊnd/

adjectiveprofounder, profoundest

  • 1

    (showing understanding)
    • It is a profound statement about political integration and it will establish the EU as a legal entity in its own right.
    • The stunning absence of the normally expected response was dramatic and perhaps the most profound statement of the series.
    • I choose to interpret this not as a ‘marketing tip,’ but as a profound statement.
    • The answer by one student was so profound that the professor shared it with colleagues, via the Internet, which is, of course, why we now have the pleasure of enjoying it as well.
    • Yet this wonderful and loving documentary somehow turns a demolition derby into a profound statement on the importance of life and what makes this place special.
    • One thing that keeps people in the cycle of rumination is a sense that they're incredibly profound and gaining tremendous insight.
    • The reporter will quote the profound statements you make and soon you might even be on the cover of Newsweek!
    • John Paul didn't always need to make profound statements, however.
    • Chief Seattle's reply has been described as the most beautiful and profound statement on the environment ever made.
    • The most his character has going for him is to smile a lot and make supposedly profound statements on the nature of the universe that sound like they were read off the back of a cereal box.
    • Most intelligent critics of all schools who are familiar with his literary works agree that he was one of the most profound thinkers and learned writers of his time.
    • The profound person understands what is moral.
    • I was very humbled that this man could make such a profound statement.
    • He was not the only one to make a profound statement on the Victoria Falls.
    • A daily paper in Florida made a profound statement on March 2.
    • You have someone who was illiterate making profound pronouncements and statements which are amazingly accurate about scientific nature.
    • Without realizing it, he made a very profound statement.
    • Today, the profound thinker turns his attention to political apathy, and sees something dark filling the void.
    • That's a very profound statement because if you talk to companies today, they say the customer's always right.
    • It's a very profound statement for a lad of 21, but he's right.
  • 2

    (intense, great)
    (emotion/influence/silence) profundo
    she felt profound contempt towards him sentía por él un profundo desprecio
    • Such films can never have a profound influence on the viewers, he says.
    • Other projects could have a much more profound impact on the intellectual property landscape.
    • Then she was lying in bed at night trying to come to terms with this new and unwelcome emotion: profound sadness.
    • Thus, differences in size have potentially profound implications for the ecology and fitness of large and small animals.
    • Then in 1857 another event took place that was to have the most profound implications.
    • The fact is that the absence of a parent has a very profound effect.
    • There is a profound fear of empowering consumers to share media in a self-organizing way on a mass scale.
    • Beyond these changes are two others, which may be equally profound in their implications.
    • The separation is so profound that there is no real basis for argument.
    • Of course, our ignorance is so profound that little can be said for certain.
    • The idea of negotiation, however, implies that the most profound changes may be extremely subtle.
    • Over the long term, they will make a far more profound impact.
    • It was not only onstage that profound emotions stirred under a cool, unruffled surface.
    • The most profound influence of archetypes is in their regulation of the human life cycle.
    • Grace had wonderful stories, but they always left her with a profound sadness.
    • The workshop left me in a profound state of wonder at the subtlety and simplicity of this healing approach.
    • Please accept my profound regret and apology for any misunderstanding about that letter.
    • For these women and for hundreds of other men and women who have experienced tremendous loss, the past year has piled myriad emotions on top of profound sadness.
    • The experience had a very profound effect on me, both emotionally and spiritually.
    • I think it has quite profound implications for us as human beings.