Translation of profundity in Spanish:


profundidad, n.

Pronunciation /prəˈfəndədi//prəˈfʌndəti/

nounPlural profundities

  • 1

    (of thought, silence)
    profundidad feminine
    • The moments of emotional profundity here are golden and will suffice.
    • It locates the sources of poetic excellence in the profundity of the writer's emotions and the seriousness of his thought.
    • Such ignorance hardly detracts from the power or profundity of the experience.
    • The profundity of the experience demonstrated the transience of everyday knowledge.
    • There are moments of great emotional profundity in the film, but they're compounded by the filmmakers' reluctance to go the extra mile and put their feelings on the screen.
  • 2

    (profound remark)
    observación profunda feminine
    • Sandra Bullock is Sidda, a famous playwright who mines her ‘terrible’ childhood for profundities.
    • The moments of brilliance and detached profundities are engulfed by too many false starts and half-baked ideas.
    • Do directors and actors have the time and patience to go into profundities?
    • Simple phrases, simple moments translate into great profundities.
    • Song lyrics don't exactly overflow with profundities.
    • For that matter, why does a would-be bedroom farce also try to utter philosophic profundities?
    • Students who sign on for philosophy courses eager for obscure profundities, wild speculation and reflections on the meaning or, even better, the meaninglessness of life are sorely disappointed.
    • It would seem that this choreographer sincerely believes dance to be an apt vehicle for representing not merely complex psychological relationships but philosophical profundities as well.
    • The dialogue is sparse and when the characters do speak, it's clunkily written, laden with insipid profundities, and often badly delivered.
    • We could have spent our spare time studying the profundities of the Torah.
    • I found it to be wickedly intriguing, filled with dark profundities and rich subtext.
    • Time's article, on the other hand, didn't ponder such profundities of belief.