Translation of prohibition in Spanish:


prohibición, n.

Pronunciation /ˌproʊ(h)əˈbɪʃ(ə)n//ˌprəʊhɪˈbɪʃ(ə)n//prəʊɪˈbɪʃ(ə)n/


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    prohibición feminine
    • The strongest argument against prohibition is that it does not stop people from using drugs.
    • Marijuana may be relatively harmless, but marijuana prohibition is deadly.
    • They do not even tell us whether the costs of drug use are lower than they would be without prohibition.
    • I'd like to promote elimination of drug prohibition.
    • Turvey has long argued against drug prohibition, yet he increasingly applauds and encourages enforcement measures.
    • Harm reduction interventions have the potential to reduce the perils of both drug use and drug prohibition.
    • Canadians have lost our sense of what is right and wrong over drug prohibition.
    • The blanket prohibition of drugs, I think, is wrong.
    • The one on drug prohibition was also very important to me.
    • Any action carrying a risk of major disaster must be prohibited, regardless of the costs of prohibition.
    • The criminalization of responsible drug users is only one of the many pointless aspects of drug prohibition.
    • The international prohibition of drugs is their lifeblood, and a guarantee of on-going civil war.
    • Beyond the substantial fiscal costs of enforcing the prohibition of cannabis, the social costs of such policies are considerable.
    • Even if surrogacy did breach some attractive moral principle, this would not automatically justify legislative prohibition.
    • Very few people in this country now believe that drug prohibition can work.
    • Thus, prohibition would be argued for on religious as well as on alleged scientific or medicinal grounds.
    • Ultimately, however, we do not believe that these arguments are sufficient reason to weaken society's prohibition of intentional killing.
    • The caller suggests that there is full prohibition of guns in France, but the rate of crime in France has increased significantly recently.
    • It's one more example of drug prohibition doing more harm than good.
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    prohibición feminine
    they placed a prohibition on the importation of luxury goods prohibieron la importación de artículos suntuarios
    • I am not satisfied that they contravened the specific prohibition.
    • As Epstein notes, making no exception to a general prohibition on the use of force is not an option.
    • In the absence of statutory criminal prohibitions, the transactions involved in the scheme and the scheme itself are lawful.
    • The actual wording of the clause imposes a blanket prohibition on working for another firm of financial analysts.
    • In theory, the constitutional prohibition could be interpreted as applying only to the future.
    • That was said in the face of a statutory prohibition on commenting on the fact that the accused did not give sworn evidence.
    • There are eight classes of injunctions and prohibitions which apply to all deeds and actions of mankind.
    • The prohibition on ‘common law’ crimes is a good thing even though injustice can result.
    • Similarly, many prohibitions of the criminal law are morally neutral.
    • Pipes says catching sleepers has been hampered by regulations, immigration law, and prohibitions on ethnic profiling.
    • The legal prohibition on discrimination initially only applied to government actions.
    • Disclosure would contravene a prohibition imposed by or under any enactment.
    • When courts extend constitutional prohibitions beyond their previously recognized limit, they may restrict democratic choices made by public bodies.
    • Again, the Court noted that the injunctions did not constitute a blanket prohibition.
    • When it comes to local news, we will continue with our general prohibition on the use of anonymous sources.
    • While some activities are prohibited, sanctuaries do not impose a total prohibition on human use.
    • The prohibition on retroactive penal legislation is linked to the right to a fair trial, as it is irrevocably an example of an unfair trial.
    • International law establishes an absolute prohibition against torture.
    • No government would contend that these prohibitions apply only to parties to the treaties that outlaw them.
    • Parliament has partly lifted the prohibition on imports and exports of cash via post deliveries.
  • 3Prohibition

    (in US history)
    la Ley seca
    la Prohibición
    • Politicians who argued to overturn Prohibition in the United States used this argument.
    • Laws harking back to Prohibition require vintners to sell their wines through state-licensed distributors.
    • Exchange controls resemble U.S. Prohibition during the 1920s.
    • His sleepy hollow, in the dirt-poor Appalachian foothills, soon became more popular than a speakeasy during Prohibition.
    • It is akin to the banning of alcohol in the U.S.A. during the time of Prohibition, and is totally unenforceable.
    • Later, the islands were used as a smuggling stopover for arms in the civil war and for bootleg alcohol during Prohibition.
    • The legacies of Prohibition were an increased level of alcohol consumption and flourishing organised crime.
    • The cases date back to the 1920s, when Prohibition created an illicit trade in alcohol.
    • He is currently researching business support for Prohibition.
    • Made up largely of family-owned vineyards at the onset of Prohibition, the industry got clobbered by the new legislation.
    • The best American piece is on how Scotch whisky still poured into the USA during Prohibition.
    • Enforcing Prohibition was so onerous we had to repeal the very constitutional amendment the zealots encouraged us to pass.
    • As the fight for Prohibition showed, the social gospel leaders cared about whether people drank or didn't drink.
    • Students were amazed at the way food was served, and at the ready availability of alcohol on board, especially during Prohibition.
    • An English trade embargo on Irish whiskey and Prohibition here in the U.S. helped shutter most of Ireland's distilleries.
    • Like the first Prohibition in the 1920s, an underground industry in alcohol had sprung up, and organized crime grew more powerful.
    • After Prohibition was repealed, brandy remained a relatively ordinary product although its commercial importance grew over the decades.
    • How much weight did he give to the corruption and violent crime induced by Prohibition?
    • The demand for illicit drugs is as strong as the nation's thirst for bootleg booze during Prohibition.
    • Prohibition in the 1920s created a market for cheap versions of alcoholic products, such as bathtub gin.