Translation of projection in Spanish:


proyección, n.

Pronunciation /prəˈdʒɛkʃ(ə)n//prəˈdʒɛkʃ(ə)n/


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    • 1.1(of image, slide)

      proyección feminine
      before noun projection booth / room cabina de proyección feminine
      • This area will feature slide projections and visuals by Andrew Clarke.
      • But the big, blurred picture projections lack the specificity an original photograph and caption give.
      • Yes, there is a symbiotic relationship between two projections or two images.
      • Celebration and friendship washed over the brassy clutter of drawings, video projections, raw wood structures, handmade coins and other stuff.
      • To view the piece one must walk through a narrow door and in between the two rear-screen projections so that the images seem to deflect off of you in both directions.
      • Since then she has made conceptual photographs, projections, installations, drawings and more.
      • In the course of the performance, projections above the stage suggested a nightscape of starry fields and woods reflected in still water.
      • Performances will merge live acting with a digital video projection and a soundtrack.
      • Their black and white poster-size prints use video projections as light sources, providing time-elapsed post-exposures of the images.
      • A slide show projection of earlier work is also being presented.
      • The story is told through acting, song, dance and drama, with visual projections, choirs, bands and performance artists all adding to the madness.
      • It also features video and sound projections as well as live music on stage.
      • I think that was really important to why I started to use projected images and slide projections.
      • Her intermedia spaces stage the spectacle through multiscreen projections of images of nature.
      • Wood panels create virtual rock walls to simulate the craggy cliffs of the lake, and video projections provide dynamic images of seasonal changes.
      • Another installation is a video projection which shows a rear-view mirror on a car driving on a mountain road.
      • Here you can see the world's first cinema film projection and first colour photographs.
      • ‘We want a device that you can download films to, press a button and see a huge screen projection,’ said Adrian Cable, director of the company.
      • What distinguishes the troupe's zesty choreography is its travelogue context, with background projections of maps, photos and colourful images of Caracas, the city that gave birth to salsa.
      • He has both the voice and look of Meatloaf himself - and is backed by an incredible stage set, video projections and a superb band.

    • 1.2Psychology

      proyección feminine
      • I believe psychologists would call this projection.
      • It is this kind of unconscious projection that determines our behavior, especially in personal relationships.
      • They operate with so much psychological projection that they would make a great case for a person to use to study for a doctoral thesis!
      • Bonding with a partner is more than just a matter of unconscious projection.
      • It is a radical example of what psychologists would call projection.
      • This is essentially the biological cycle of ingestion and elimination, becoming the psychological cycle of introjection and projection.
      • It is not hard to see here the psychological phenomenon of projection: the pot calling the kettle black.
      • Among other things, the position of the spectators in the cinema is blatantly one of repression of their exhibitionism and projection of the repressed desire onto the performer.
      • It was found that both denial and projection of blame were not significantly different among the three groups.
      • A person who during childhood has learnt to reject parts of him/herself is likely to use the psychological defence mechanism of projection in adulthood.
      • When this process, which entails the mechanisms of projection and identification, functions smoothly, depressive feelings can be accepted and worked with.
      • The principle of projection is well-established in psychology.
      • One might think of this as illustrating the defences of splitting, projection and rationalization.
      • I don't think I've seen a clearer example of the psychological phenomena known as projection in my life.

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    proyección feminine
    pronóstico masculine
    extrapolación feminine
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    • 3.1Mathematics

      proyección feminine

    • 3.2map projection

      proyección feminine

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    saliente feminine
    • The tumor may have fingerlike projections, which extend into adjacent renal parenchyma.
    • Many times, he hit his head on sharp projections of rock from the low, stone ceiling that nearly made him black out again.
    • Tubulovillous polyps are pedunculated, with villous projections extending from the free ends.
    • They differ, however, in having a flat rather than a concave pseudointerarea, and in having a tubular projection extending from larval shell.
    • Each arm can also include a projection that extends at least partially into a wall opening.
    • Microblasting technology is used to remove very fine burrs so that there are no sharp projections on the outside edge of the tube tip.
    • The tongue has many small projections making the surface very markedly ridged.
    • The jugular process is enlarged and the tympanic projection is extended anteriorly from the ventral surface of the tympanic bulla.
    • A ventral projection of the jugal extends over the lateral surface of the maxilla.
    • The active contacts may include several sheetlike metallic projections extending inwardly around a hole in the sheetlike element, on a first major surface of the sheetlike element.
    • Their projections possess both a sharp edge and piercing point.
    • Instead, an enlarged supratemporal intervenes and forms a sharp projection at the corner of the skull table.