Translation of proliferate in Spanish:


proliferar, v.

Pronunciation /prəˈlɪfəˌreɪt//prəˈlɪfəreɪt/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • Now, technology is burgeoning and proliferating, and again there is fear.
    • As contexts proliferate, objects accrue multiple layers of meaning, not all of which necessarily agree.
    • Operating systems, application environments and hardware platforms for mobile devices are proliferating at an alarming rate.
    • The literature on the work-family interface has proliferated in the last two decades.
    • One advantage, the developers claim, is that only one remote control will be needed instead of the multiple controls now proliferating in the average household.
    • Moreover, as regulations proliferate, there is increased demand for exceptions that can sensitively accommodate religious needs.
    • Multiple variations quickly proliferate into thousands of different model numbers.
    • The photo quickly proliferates among the residents of Springfield until Homer is catching giggles and glances from everyone.
    • As technology proliferated with the digital revolution, we gradually became more accepting of being under constant watch.
    • Online support and discussion groups on every disease and health care topic have proliferated rapidly.
    • The book is timely, because studies of mating behavior are rapidly proliferating.
    • There, non-governmental groups are proliferating as poverty increases and trade liberalisation undermines local economies.
    • Many of their books, films, and other interpretive works have proliferated since the mid-1990s.
    • Country fairs have proliferated to the extent that the season must be extended to fit them all in.
    • The number and kind of private joint-stock companies quickly proliferated.
    • Studies on escalating student debt will proliferate.
    • If standards slide as Asian clinics proliferate and competition increases, patients will suffer.
    • In the last few years, technology parks have proliferated in the main industrial areas and near universities and R&D centers.
    • As stories like this proliferate, we become increasingly fearful for York's future.
    • In recent years, these judge shows have proliferated at an astonishing rate.