Translation of proliferation in Spanish:


proliferación, n.

Pronunciation /prəlɪfəˈreɪʃn//prəˌlɪfəˈreɪʃ(ə)n/


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    proliferación feminine
    nuclear proliferation proliferación de armas nucleares
    • At every stop, Ms. Rice focused on U.S. determination to work with other nations to stem the threat from nuclear proliferation.
    • Fears already raised about nuclear proliferation in so-called rogue states are what inspired this kind of defense system in the first place.
    • Join with allies and lead the world to crack down on nuclear proliferation.
    • The threat of nuclear proliferation will abate as dangerous stockpiles of atomic weapons are quickly used up.
    • The primary US interest is in checking nuclear proliferation.
    • As with the increasing proliferation of mobile phones, we now have an emerging doctrine of iPod etiquette.
    • We need to end this hide-and-seek approach to containing proliferation of nuclear weapons.
    • The risks to be managed are mainly those of nuclear proliferation.
    • Would the second nuclear age be characterized by a rapid or slow proliferation of new overt nuclear weapon capabilities?
    • This muteness increases the sense of proliferation in his art.
    • He wants to stop nuclear proliferation with more nuclear proliferation.
    • He also touts the CIA's record in helping to stop nuclear proliferation.
    • Stopping nuclear proliferation should be the goal of every country.
    • The UN is a venue for seeking consensus on global issues from nuclear proliferation to poverty reduction.
    • The failure of the conference makes nuclear proliferation more likely and nuclear disarmament a waning hope.
    • Meanwhile, proliferation was increasing the danger of nuclear terrorism.
    • Nuclear weapons safety and proliferation are expected to top the agenda.
    • Each of these five factors will become increasingly important as Internet proliferation continues in Russia.
    • The drug trade is also frequently implicated and is held responsible for the increasing proliferation of guns throughout society.
    • Treaties covering nuclear proliferation and nuclear testing helped to reinforce the feeling that the immediate danger of nuclear war was fading away.