Translation of proof in Spanish:


prueba, n.

Pronunciation: /pruf//pruːf/


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    • 1.1(conclusive evidence)

      prueba feminine
      where's your proof? ¿qué pruebas tienes?
      • we have no proof of that no tenemos prueba(s) de eso
      • you'll need proof of identity necesitará un documento de identidad
      • as a proof of como prueba de
      • by way of proof como prueba
      • proof of purchase comprobante / prueba de compra
      • It is too easy to find fault, to point a finger, without any facts or proof.
      • That statement is proof of my existence, for how can you make nothing?
      • Therefore, a total ban on private use of the lagoon requires concrete scientific proof of negative influences.
      • One of the most important properties I'm interested in when I'm looking for arguments or evidence or proofs or persuasive cases is strength and the ability to bear a lot of weight.
      • The government had no definitive proof of ownership, so therefore everyone was guilty.
      • A little while later he emailed me with irrefutable proof of my guilt.
      • A retrospective glance at the 2000-2001 regular season offers ample proof of blatant mismatches.
      • The numbers themselves do not constitute definitive proof.
      • You will need proof of your identity and the address where you are living on election day.
      • If there is a variation, you may need to supply proof of identity.
      • That's completely absurd and there's no proof to validate that statement.
      • There was, after all, too much proof to the contrary.
      • His silence is a matter which is neutral in terms of providing positive proof of his guilt.
      • The critics will point to this as irrefutable proof of their argument that vouchers undermine the public school system.
      • Many atheists demand a scientific proof for the existence of God.
      • Always check the seller's identity by asking for proof of name and address and be wary of sellers who want to meet you anywhere other than their home.
      • They are based on the false assumption that the substantive offence requires proof of a fact that life is endangered.
      • No story describing a problem or social phenomenon was complete without a few meaningless statistics passed off as hard fact or proof of some assertion.
      • The author finally attempts to provide conclusive proof of Germany's decline in chapter 7.
      • However, these customers would also have to provide documentary proof of their claims.

    • 1.2literary (test)

      prueba feminine
      to put sth to the proof poner algo a prueba
      • the proof of the pudding is in the eating no se sabe si algo es bueno hasta que se lo pone a prueba
      • we shall see, the proof of the pudding is in the eating ya se verá a la hora de la verdad

    • 1.3Mathematics

      prueba feminine
      • Nguyen's work is one manifestation of her longstanding love for rigorous and creative mathematical proofs.
      • The only thing that's missing is perhaps a very solid idea of what it means to do a mathematical proof.
      • Fermat subsequently died, leaving mathematicians to search for 350 years for a proof of the theorem.
      • Mathematicians later found proofs for other special cases.
      • It gives a proof that every whole number has a Fibonacci number for which it is a factor.
      • So, in the absence of a mathematical proof deciding this question, none of us has any a priori knowledge about this question in either direction.
      • His main work involved applying philosophy to mathematics, the philosophy taking precedence over rigorous mathematical proofs.
      • In a nutshell, it asks for the simplest proof of any theorem.
      • Mathematical proofs of conjectures, however, require more than overwhelming numerical evidence.
      • This faith in the indubitable certainty of mathematical proofs was sadly shaken around 1900 by the discovery of the antinomies or paradoxes of set theory.
      • For example, in proofs about sets, Venn diagrams provided a useful part of a concept image in some cases.
      • An argument becomes a proof when the mathematical community agrees it is such.
      • From such a viewpoint, it would seem possible to arrange mathematical proofs into strata characterized by their degree of simplicity.
      • Euclid changed the proofs of several theorems in this book so that they fitted the new definition of proportion given by Eudoxus.
      • His publications include a biography of Leonhard Euler and a booklet on mathematical proofs.
      • On the other hand he had only a vague idea of what constitutes a mathematical proof.
      • We wish to expound in detail some of the many proofs of this theorem.
      • The proof of this theorem makes essential use of free choice sequences.
      • How many proofs do mathematicians publish each year?
      • I shall carry out such a consistency proof for elementary number theory.

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    • 2.1Printing

      prueba (de imprenta) feminine
      before noun proof copy ejemplar de prueba feminine
      • proof stage fase de lectura de pruebas
      • He owned eight paintings and fourteen drawings, nine etchings on Japanese paper, fifty-nine separate proofs and an almost complete set of his prints.
      • Sometimes artist's proofs are used to hide the real number of an edition.
      • Oscar Marshall may also have offered a limited number of hand-signed proofs.
      • This exhibition - including so many large prints, so many of their proofs and their matrices - demands a lot of wall space.
      • Dürer published quite large numbers of his woodcut series in proofs before text on the reverse of the sheet.

    • 2.2Photography

      prueba feminine
      • I found your article on the value of so-called artist's proofs extremely interesting.
      • About 6000 of Robert's negatives and picture proofs are held by the Alexander Turnbull Library in Wellington.
      • The trial proofs were rejected, and the finished photographs never made.
      • Artist's proofs can be numbered, but often they are not.

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    (alcoholic strength, American system, British system)
    graduación alcohólica feminine
    70 proof 35% de alcohol / 35° (GL)
    • (British system) 70 degrees proof 40% de alcohol / 40° (GL)
    • under proof

    nótese que el sistema británico difiere del norteamericano


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    ser a prueba de
    the shields are proof against most projectiles los escudos son a prueba de la mayoría de los proyectiles
    • she was proof against his flattery era inmune / no era vulnerable a sus halagos

transitive verb

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