Translation of propeller in Spanish:


hélice, n.

Pronunciation /prəˈpɛlə//prəˈpɛlər/


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    hélice feminine
    before noun propeller blade (with masculine article in the singular) aspa de la hélice feminine
    • Once it takes hold it encrusts boat hulls and propellers, and chokes pipes and aquaculture.
    • Additionally, the windmilling propeller on the dead engine creates a lot of drag.
    • When the drive shaft has a marine propeller at one end, it moves a boat through the water.
    • The company also makes sculptures gleaned from different aircraft propellers.
    • Both propellers are in place, though the starboard propeller is missing a couple of blades.
    • Boat owners can get into serious trouble for leaving it stuck to propellers or hulls when boats are in transit.
    • By contrast, the starboard propeller is lying under the hull, away from the light, and is adorned in soft red corals.
    • They took inspiration from mechanical models such as propellers and paddle wheels.
    • A fire erupted in the starboard engine and the pilot was unable to feather the propeller.
    • One engine on the top of the aircraft is attached to large propellers that produce lift, much like a helicopter.
    • So there would be little or no vibration, the opposite blade of the propeller had to be treated in exactly the same manner.
    • The propulsion system drives two shafts with seven-bladed fixed-pitch propellers.
    • They sent these speed boats out but they couldn't get to us because the propellors would have chewed up the people in the water, and they couldn't turn off the propellors because the speed boats would have sunk too.
    • We had somehow got one of our mooring ropes entangled in the propeller of the boat, we had no engines, and we were drifting helplessly.
    • One of the bigger problems we faced was the non-availability of propellers for these aircraft.
    • Boats powered by propellers and engines were bringing people across the river in under three hours.
    • The drone of aircraft propellers and thump of helicopter rotors made way for screaming auto engines and squealing tyres.
    • As it was slowing to a stop, the aircraft shuddered and its landing gear collapsed, propellers digging into the runway.
    • The ship has two shafts with controllable pitch propellers, two rudders and a pair of active stabilising fins.
    • The four engines, complete with propellers, were still attached to the plane but had come away from their mounting to rest on the undulating reef.