Translation of property in Spanish:


propiedad, n.

Pronunciation /ˈprɑpərdi//ˈprɒpəti/

nounPlural properties

  • 1

    • 1.1(possessions)

      propiedad feminine
      these vehicles are the property of the government estos vehículos son propiedad del gobierno
      • whose property is it? ¿de quién es?
      • don't damage other people's property no dañes las cosas ajenas
      • it's my personal property es mío
      • the government is selling off public property el gobierno está vendiendo bienes públicos
      • the news has become public property la noticia es ya del dominio público
      • a man of property un propietario acaudalado / adinerado
      • Thousands of pounds worth of property have been stolen from properties on the outskirts of town in recent weeks.
      • Valuable property was stolen, but worst of all was the trail of damage that was left behind.
      • There are others who break into vehicles and steal other people's property and make residents feel unsafe in their own community.
      • He also faces a charge of possessing stolen property in connection with the March 11 incident.
      • Security coding property helps police identify and return stolen property to the owner.
      • They also found cash and stolen property at other properties connected to the defendants.
      • She knew immediately that her mother was going to hound Ferdinand for the money, perhaps even possess his belongings or property.
      • When arrests were made stolen property was recovered that belonged to two victims of a robbery in the town centre.
      • Stop-and-search is conducted when officers have a reasonable suspicion that a person is carrying a weapon or stolen property.
      • This series and its characters are my property and can only be used with my permission.
      • Police are recommending charges of possessing stolen property, and break, enter and theft against the man.
      • I wonder if he knows his property is being stolen by fanatics?
      • Generally, the more damage you do to property, or the more property you steal, the worse the punishment.
      • And far too many have had their property stolen or vandalised.
      • People stole property because of suffering when the mine closed down.
      • My art is still my art, but those characters are their property now.
      • Before fleeing the scene, after the 30-minute ordeal, the men stole property from the victims' handbags.
      • Down the years we did hear from time to time that it was being planned to raise the wreck from the seabed and recover much valuable property.
      • The flamboyant loyalist has been accused of possessing and concealing criminal property.
      • She stole my company's property, which she knew very well belonged to me.

    • 1.2(ownership)

      propiedad feminine
      • But how were those notions of ownership and property understood in customary terms?
      • What we think of as property, as ownership, is about to change.
      • Just because of the abuse of property ownership, private property should not altogether be eliminated.
      • One thing is clear: the general property or ownership in the items pledged remains vested in the pledgor.
      • The second major element in communist doctrine was the social ownership of property and central planning of the economy.

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    • 2.1(buildings, land)

      propiedades feminine
      bienes raíces masculine formal
      bienes inmuebles masculine formal
      property insurance seguro inmobiliario / sobre la propiedad masculine
      • property market mercado inmobiliario
      • property owner propietario
      • property pages sección de anuncios inmobiliarios
      • Each special zone on the territory of the base has its special properties and attributes.
      • And this time is an exciting one in the commercial property market.
      • Many new properties also have characteristics apparently designed to discourage buyers.
      • It provides reinsurance coverage to the commercial property insurance market in Britain.
      • That was of course assuming the properties and characteristics of materials and technology appropriate to the age.
      • A large window on the first landing over looks the garden and adds light and character to the property.
      • We had no intention of destroying the character of the property and still we had problems.
      • Institutions are keen to buy commercial property that is rented on long-term leases, as it offers healthy returns.
      • Many wells became famous and sought after and attributed with valuable properties.
      • The water supposedly has healing properties, and some say it is the fountain of youth.
      • Evidently it imparts certain beneficial properties to the water.
      • This property may be attributed to its ability to diffuse in the reaction medium.
      • The Bible does attribute the properties of life and death to both the plants and the lower animals.
      • Yet, someone of strong will and character can override such properties and master the relic.
      • Council tax bands are calculated on the size, age, character and locality of properties.
      • The figures are contained in the latest Land Registry report into property sales across the country.
      • The curative properties of mineral water have been known since ancient times.
      • They differ in their kinetic properties and expression characteristics throughout nodule development.
      • It claims this will give it the largest online selection of quality-checked properties in the UK.
      • This property provides an ideal characteristic for the solubilization of many molecules.
      • So maybe we have some areas outside of protected areas, on private property or council land, that could be set aside for those uses.
      • We have gathered information on all of the commercial property owners in our market.
      • When the real estate market is down, both building owners and property managers look for new ways to save money.
      • Forested wetlands on and around the property slow the water and soak it up.
      • The company said it had been hit by a continuing fall in stock markets around the world, the stalling of the commercial property market and low interest rates.
      • The derisory rates of interest have encouraged savers to play the stock market or buy property.
      • The characteristic property of membrane proteins is their intimate contact with lipids.
      • The fire had caused serious smoke and heat damage to the property, he said.
      • The types of bonds in minerals can affect the properties and characteristics of minerals.
      • These various healing properties are commonly attributed to the minerals dissolved in the water.
      • The difference of water properties lies not only in their softness or hardness.
      • The loan was secured on their home, a former council property the couple had bought with their savings.
      • It was, they said, far too risky and was overexposed to the commercial property market.
      • What functional characteristics or properties might such a technique probe?
      • The index is formed by the prices of residential property, commercial property and land.
      • For practical purposes the solar spectrum is divided into regions with characteristic properties.
      • The higher negative charge is a property that seems to be characteristic of mitochondria in many cancer cells.
      • Each of these states of matter is characterized by different physical properties.
      • We speak of God's properties or attributes, and simplicity itself surely seems to be a property.
      • And few could argue that the asking purchase price was too high for the entire property - house and lands.

    • 2.2

      (building) inmueble masculine formal
      (piece of land) terreno masculine
      (piece of land) solar masculine
      (piece of land) parcela feminine
      a property in need of renovation una casa, un apartamento etc. que necesita reformas

    • 2.3(person, book, movie)

      she's the hottest property in pop music es el gran éxito del mundo de la música pop

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    propiedad feminine
    it has medicinal properties posee propiedades medicinales
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    Cinema Theatre
    accesorio masculine
    objeto de utilería masculine
    objeto del attrezzo masculine Mexico Spain
    properties attrezzo masculine Mexico Spain