Translation of prophecy in Spanish:


profecía, n.

Pronunciation /ˈprɑfəsi//ˈprɒfɪsi/

nounPlural prophecies

  • 1

    profecía feminine
    vaticinio masculine
    • If they found that he was the one the prophecy spoke of, then there would be fear.
    • You'll also be likely to create new behaviours to fulfil the prophecy.
    • The Hopi prophecies say they will be divided three times.
    • When I die, one prophecy is fulfilled, and a new shall begin.
    • Last week, his dire prophecies came true.
    • In order to fulfil this prophecy, a number of important events still needed to take place.
    • It tells her prophecies and predictions, and sometimes she can speak to the deceased with it.
    • Biblical prophecy is not easily translated to the twenty-first century.
    • The comments produced another spate of recriminations and prophecies of doom from opposition parties.
    • He wished the words written in the book of ancient prophecies were not true.
    • However, to do so, she must fulfill a prophecy written about her in the Book of the Prophets.
    • Obviously their predictions are false and their prophecies of an apocalyptic ending at a specified time fail.
    • If she does not, the ancient prophecies foretell doom and destruction over all the earth.
    • Why have falling prices in the world economy led to prophecies of doom?
    • Might the subsequent success of that project not give some grounds for doubting his dire prophecies?
    • Who's making bold prophecies for the future of online retail?
    • This was predicted in many prophecies, old and recent, throughout the world.
    • He could make prophecies and they would always come true.
    • The prophecy foretold that the side that claimed the fallen angels shall win the war.
    • As we arrive on the scene of the accident, his words become an eerily accurate prophecy.