Translation of proposal in Spanish:


propuesta, n.

Pronunciation /prəˈpəʊz(ə)l//prəˈpoʊzəl/


  • 1

    propuesta feminine
    to put / make a proposal to sb hacerle una propuesta a algn
    • He set out a variety of proposals for new types of legal practice in a consultation paper in March.
    • He said if the junction plan became a formal proposal he would contact residents and organise a campaign.
    • The first draft plan on the proposals was submitted to the Army Board on Wednesday.
    • Sale of the land on which the present one stands would be a major kick-start to our proposals for a new venue.
    • There are also proposals for a major public square in the heart of a new commercial district and a luxury hotel.
    • The plan includes proposals for the Boreham homes and a new railway station in the area.
    • He insisted councillors were properly briefed on outline proposals for the access.
    • Exciting proposals for more youth music events in Witham are set to be considered by town bosses.
    • He wrote a formal proposal, but lost it down the back of a radiator.
    • He has led opposition against the proposals for two years and pledged to vote against the law.
    • Parents have hit out at proposals for cutting special needs teaching places in the borough.
    • I have given consideration to current proposals for reform in the laws of adoption.
    • The latest proposals for a relevant curriculum focus upon relating school to the world of work.
    • The councillors met with the developer and were shown the grounds and the proposals for the site.
    • Countryside campaigners have long fought any proposals for the reopening of the quarry.
    • The inspector has also removed a proposed bypass and proposals for a new junior school.
    • He said, while he supports the proposals for the land, he cannot support the way it has been done.
    • Or, if all else fails, he may try to come up with actual proposals for a second term.
    • An action group today pledged to halt proposals for a new community centre outside its village.
    • There he will provide a number of alternative proposals for delivering summer shinty.
  • 2

    (of marriage)
    proposición matrimonial feminine
    proposición de matrimonio feminine
    propuesta matrimonial feminine
    propuesta de matrimonio feminine
    • She accepted his marriage proposal, not telling him the truth about her sister.
    • A woman scorned, she refused to help him and turned down his marriage proposal.
    • The interval was interrupted by a marriage proposal, accepted with haste by the prospective bride.
    • I offered my proposal in the heat of passion, and I will withdraw it while the pot still boils.
    • I understand that you have accepted a proposal of marriage from Charles.
    • It is then that she receives a marriage proposal from an educated person whom she also likes.
    • I know that many prefer the type of stories that begin with a proposal of marriage or even a wedding or dance.
    • Still, none of these proved quite as attractive to me as the marriage proposal.
    • A young girl in an evangelically strict household receives a proposal of marriage from a young man.
    • She did not want to lose the doctor and accepted his proposal of marriage.
    • Two thousand miles is a long way to go to have your marriage proposal turned down.
    • What looked like a proposal of marriage between the two biggest insurers in Britain turned out to be a brief encounter.
    • We do not know exactly what Harry said to Bess, but it must have amounted to a proposal.
    • So for Valentine's Day this year I got one card, a bunch of flowers and a proposal of marriage.
    • The two plays focus on a woman who rejects a marriage proposal and is attacked by the jilted lover.
    • They report to him of her beauty and great qualities, and he sends her a proposal of marriage.
    • After all, convicted murderers always get more marriage proposals than other men.
    • I am about to make a proposal of marriage and want to know if it is the right decision.
    • Men on the receiving end of a marriage proposal should be flattered, said Richard.
    • She rejected his proposal of marriage and, for many weeks, we heard no more of him.