Translation of propose in Spanish:


proponer, v.

Pronunciation /prəˈpoʊz//prəˈpəʊz/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(suggest)

      do you know what he proposed to me? ¿sabes qué me propuso?
      • to propose -ing/(that) proponer que + subj
      • I proposed giving them more incentives propuse darles / que se les dieran más incentivos
      • she proposed that we employ them both propuso que las contratáramos a las dos
      • what do you propose we do? ¿qué propones que hagamos?
      • On top of that you have to add all the other spending he's proposed.
      • She proposed workers could put in 12-hour shifts, four days at a time, instead of the current five-day schedule.
      • He was opposed to orthodoxy of any kind; he proposed no gods or explanations of how the world came into being.
      • He's proposed lowering the class size and putting 100,000 teachers out into our schools.
      • The Town Council proposed a target figure of 75 per cent affordable housing.
      • He proposes a lucid plan that really deserves immediate attention by policymakers.
      • The president first proposed his guest worker program a year ago.
      • The bill proposes a new family of interlocking, flexible accounts.
      • The conference voted for complete opposition to the Lyons report, which first proposed these plans.
      • However, he said the council had questioned the figure proposed by the City Sanitation Agency.
      • Public sector workers also need to actively recruit to their unions by explaining what the plans mean and by proposing a strategy for fighting them.
      • The plan was proposed because many of the hospital's 16 buildings, some of which date back to 1908, need major repairs.
      • In what follows I try to analyze what gave rise to this choice for the public, and propose a plan for moving on.
      • And in fact, they're not proposing a peace plan.
      • Part of the process of establishing the benefit of a care order will be consideration of the care plan proposed by the local authority.
      • Now it's proposed the bottom teams in both sections be relegated.
      • Later, it says: ‘Although they might be thoroughly decent places to live, it's still hard to propose any serious tourist investigation.’
      • There are several issues to be considered in proposing any innovative scheme such as this.
      • He is also a bold thinker who proposed civil servants' salary cuts.
      • At the end of the last Congressional session, a legalization program for undocumented farm laborers was proposed.

    • 1.2proposed past participle

      the proposed cuts los recortes que se proponen implementar

    • 1.3(in meeting)

      (amendment) proponer
      (motion) presentar
      (motion) proponer
      I propose that the meeting be adjourned propongo que se levante la sesión
      • she proposed Charles as chairman postuló a Charles como presidente
      • you'll be proposed for membership at the next meeting se te propondrá como candidato a socio en la próxima reunión
      • She told the Evening Press that the motion proposed by her party had merely said it would be unacceptable to seek to impose such a charge.
      • In proposing the motion, he also said that it was a case of putting money before anything else.
      • She will propose a motion requesting the council adjourn it until May 21.
      • The veteran pro-democracy lawmaker proposed a motion in the legislature yesterday to call for his resignation.
      • Those countries are proposing a motion that would see the UN dole out cash to countries that protect rainforests.
      • At Monday night's monthly meeting of Council, he proposed a motion that action be taken prior to the accession of the new member states in May.
      • A motion is proposed that would be a Good Thing.
      • Anyway, someone proposes the motion and someone else opposes it.
      • Indeed at last Council I proposed two motions that got full Council backing.
      • He had begun by proposing a motion saying that the new road sweeper belonging to Laois County Council was ‘doing an excellent job’ and he hoped it would be kept busy.
      • While the question prompted discussion, his attempt to speak again on the matter and to propose a motion for recommendation was over-ruled on a point of order.
      • He was proposing the motion calling on dog owners to ensure they have them under control at all times.
      • Both motions were proposed and seconded and all Councillors present voted in favour of both contraventions.
      • At last week's Carlow town council meeting a resident of Grave Lane requested that the council propose a motion to change the name to Park Lane.
      • He proposed the motion that urged a united campaign.
      • He would not be able to live down the embarrassment in the event of someone telephoning him, as it was he who proposed the motion at committee to ban mobiles.
      • The independent councillors are to propose a motion tomorrow to cast the vote again, this time recording the result.
      • However, halving the time allocated to proposing a motion to five minutes and allowing seconders a mere two-and-a-half minutes to explain their position is too blunt an instrument.
      • He proposed a motion that no further action is taken at this time, and the committee agreed to this.
      • The ministry hasn't decided whether it will propose a motion to reverse the legislative resolution this week, he said.

  • 2

    to propose to + inf, to propose -ing pensar + inf
    • what do you propose to do about it? ¿qué piensas hacer al respecto?
    • I propose to go back home and wait pienso volver a casa y esperar
    • what do you propose doing with that old trunk? ¿qué piensas hacer con ese baúl viejo?
    • As we have previously pointed out, we are not proposing to attend the hearing of your Application.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to propose to sb proponerle matrimonio a algn
    • he proposed to her le propuso matrimonio