Translation of prorate in Spanish:


prorratear, v.

Pronunciation /ˌproʊˈreɪt//ˈprəʊreɪt//prəʊˈreɪt/

transitive verb


  • 1

    • We prorated all short forms to produce scores that could be compared with the full form rather than be incomparable because of the different number of scale items.
    • That amount is prorated equally over the years of his contract, although there are limits to the bonus allocation.
    • The part-time tenure track prorates additional years to tenure review based on the full-time equivalent.
    • The amount is prorated for earned portions of a month.
    • Although salary is prorated to time worked, full benefits are provided all year.
    • Ideally, benefits and salary will be prorated to the number of hours worked by each employee.
    • This year, because the collective bargaining agreement has not been extended, teams can prorate bonuses over only five years - compared with six years in 2004 and seven years previously - which will hold down some initial offers.
    • Drawbacks include reduced income, a higher cost for benefits if they are prorated, and lower contributions by the employer to a 401 plan.
    • To close that loophole, the league takes any salary on long-term deals to be paid after age 36 and prorates it.
    • This amount will be prorated according to salaries and percentage of the year that people worked, so every employee will receive a part of the profits amounting to an equal percentage of their salary.
    • When I bought my house last year, the property taxes were prorated so that the seller paid the taxes up to the time of the sale.
    • However, while this gives the team short-term relief, it just increases Johnson's salary-cap figure in future seasons, as the value of the bonus is prorated throughout the life of the contract.
    • Aggregate scores were calculated by prorating each child's mean score (excluding tasks where the child failed the control questions, or did not complete the task) to give an equivalent score out of 12.
    • These figures do not include National Training Center operating and instrumentation costs, which would be prorated across the number of units training on an annual basis.
    • Job sharing allows two people to share one full-time position, prorating salary and some benefits.
    • For some repairs such as osmotic blisters the warranty is prorated over the five years.
    • Of these, some are limited to prorated coverage, requirements that the owner pay for the application of an epoxy barrier coat or stipulations that the gel coat can not be altered in any way.
    • Some warranties provide no dollar limit on replacement while others are prorated based on how long the roof has been installed.
    • These fee payments shall not exceed 80 percent of the award fee amount available for each evaluation period, and are prorated on a monthly basis.
    • Dues are prorated, but the emphasis on tenure may seem remote to the many members of the profession who are adjuncts.
  • 2prorated past participle