Translation of proscribe in Spanish:


proscribir, v.

Pronunciation /proʊˈskraɪb//prə(ʊ)ˈskrʌɪb/

transitive verb

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    • Although advertising directly to consumers is proscribed in the European Union, companies are able to target patients indirectly through disease awareness campaigns, sponsorship of information materials, and press releases.
    • The ‘Goldwater’ rule already proscribes specific comments about public figures or others who have not actually been evaluated.
    • Others object because they feel the Bible proscribes invoking god while making an oath.
    • Songs of a politically critical character are proscribed.
    • The power to proscribe organisations should be vested in more than an individual (the Attorney General) and representatives from banned organisations should have adequate rights of appeal.
    • When someone dies, we are proscribed from desecrating the body, which includes invasion of the corpse.
    • The former clause proscribed anyone from aiding the practice of prostitution, while the latter required the police to arrest and medically examine suspected prostitutes.
    • The rule of law proscribes ex post facto legislation.
    • Few deputies positively welcomed the purge of national representatives, and a number who had no special links with the proscribed deputies went out of their way to condemn the deed openly in letters to their constituents.
    • The Bill is unnecessary simply because the government presently has the power to proscribe terrorist organisations.
    • Jewish law states that not only is telling gossip forbidden; lending a willing ear is equally proscribed.
    • It is conceivable that this identifier alone could alarm the Attorney General enough to proscribe the organisation.
    • ‘If you proscribe an organisation, you strengthen it’, he said.
    • We have not ruled out proscribing this organisation.
    • She should have been stopped in her tracks for purporting to answer the question when, in fact, she is saying that I am proscribed from even asking a question about this man, the evidence on whom I gave last week.
    • Current rules proscribe relationships between soldiers of different rank, or soldiers and officers.
    • Among the draconian penal laws is Law 71 which states that anyone ‘who calls for the establishment of any grouping, organisation or association proscribed by law’ can be executed.
    • There are numbers of organisations that have been proscribed.
    • Using this definition, the attorney-general could proscribe any group that organises a demonstration or strike in which a person was injured or felt endangered.
    • Last week the government released a list of 15 proscribed organisations.