Translation of proscription in Spanish:


proscripción, n.

Pronunciation /proʊˈskrɪpʃ(ə)n//prə(ʊ)ˈskrɪpʃ(ə)n/


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    proscripción feminine
    • In May 1794 the Dublin Society was included in the wave of proscription which was then afflicting most anti-government organizations.
    • He also suggested the government remove the entire part concerning the proscription of local organisations found to be endangering national security.
    • Both sets of norms rest ultimately upon a fundamental principle of proscription concerning the infliction of militarily ' unnecessary suffering '.
    • The offences under sections 11 to 13 are all direct consequences of proscription.
    • There is also a proscription against any form of harassment.
    • Now some of the mysterious proscriptions in chapter eleven of Leviticus become more intelligible.
    • Historically, proscription has been a tool of political repression, not law enforcement.
    • And for all its military ventures, justified and not, since 1945, the United States had never repudiated the charter's proscription of pre-emption.
    • Proscription is designed to outlaw organisations deemed a threat to national security.
    • There are no provisions for banned passengers to see the accusatory information or contest their proscription.
    • The proscription against physicians talking about themselves with patients comes from several different traditions.
    • Religious opposition to coffee drinking resulted in political proscription a number of times during the sixteenth century.
    • And even if the courts were to countermand a proscription order, the damage done to the organisation during the period of proscription could be critical.
    • Guilt is the operation of law, a proscription by law, upon conduct.
    • Virginia would no longer suffer such state prescriptions or proscriptions of religion.
    • By the way, there is no requirement from the UN Security Council for a general proscription power to be enacted.
    • The ruling also does not override state proscriptions on funding to private or religious schools.
    • Historically, proscription has been used for political repression.
    • Whether done by the Attorney General or a judge proscription should not be allowed.