Translation of prosecution in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˌprɑsəˈkjuʃ(ə)n//prɒsɪˈkjuːʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    • 1.1Law
      (bringing to trial)

      interposición de una acción judicial feminine
      • They should also consider private prosecutions where a conviction is likely and it is in the public interest to prosecute.
      • Companies have been warned that they could be liable to prosecution if employees use their property to pirate music.
      • The threat that hung over those who did not apply was that they might face future prosecution.
      • Much of the ground might therefore be covered by the law of attempts and by prosecutions for complicity in attempts.
      • That conduct consisted in the prosecution and settlement of the earlier action.
      • To respond to mass atrocity with legal prosecutions is to embrace the rule of law.
      • The four who faced criminal prosecutions are expected to petition the Law Lords to hear their appeals.
      • Such clauses need not prevent the prosecution of meritorious suits.
      • It could be used in court at an application for a parenting order or during a prosecution for truancy.
      • The prosecution follows a project carried out by the council's trading standards office last August.
      • Certainly, he contends, Parliament never intended to impose a filter for criminal prosecutions.
      • Underpayments will have to be back-paid to employees or employers face prosecution.
      • As they had indicated, the prosecution did not proceed further against her husband.
      • He warned that those which continued to serve out of hours could face prosecution and possible closure.
      • Whether or not the police did so, the prosecution of the accused proceeded on the evidence against them.
      • Two people are facing possible prosecutions for malicious or criminal damage.
      • Again the driver was offered a chance to go on the course rather than face prosecution.
      • Businesses without a new licence in August face prosecution if they continue to trade.
      • Individuals can bring private prosecutions in the criminal courts, but cases are rare.
      • The five traders caught in the first sweep are currently being interviewed with a view to prosecution.

    • 1.2Law
      (court case)

      proceso masculine
      juicio masculine
      to bring a prosecution against sb interponer una acción judicial contra algn
      • it's his second prosecution for theft es la segunda vez que lo procesan por robo

    • 1.3(prosecuting side)

      the prosecution la acusación
      • before noun prosecution case acusación
      • prosecution witness testigo de cargo / de la acusación
      • Either the prosecution proves that the accused had the requisite intent, or it does not.
      • In this court that waiting room is only for the witnesses of the prosecution.
      • At trial, the prosecution called a number of remand witnesses to give evidence.
      • In that case the court had before it not only the privileged material but the prosecution's response to it.
      • Once he had raised this issue the prosecution was obliged to disprove it if they were to secure a conviction.
      • It moves the onus of proof from the defendant to the prosecution, as recommended by public health experts.
      • The prosecution said the teenager was seen carrying objects around and hurling stones during the disturbances.
      • The prosecution chose this course rather than have her video played to the jury.
      • Whether the prosecution proceed with that retrial is a matter for their judgment.
      • Did the prosecutor at trial ever indicate a reason for not calling him as a witness for the prosecution?
      • The prosecution alleged that failing to discharge their roles had contributed to the four deaths.
      • They are frequently of great importance both to the prosecution and to the defence in the conduct of the trial.
      • He later became the chief state witness for the prosecution in the arms trial.
      • It is not purely for the benefit of the prosecution to have the suspect picked out.
      • He could be both a victim and a witness for the prosecution at such a trial.
      • The prosecution, of course, says that this is just a case of the hair breaking in half.
      • The onus is on the prosecution to show cause why bail should be denied because the person lacks mental capacity.
      • That is the way in which the prosecution conducted its case and it is the way in which her Honour summed up to the jury.
      • My submission on that would be it is a duty upon the prosecution to ensure the indictment is in proper form.
      • The defendant has the right to call witnesses and to cross-examine any witness called by the prosecution.

  • 2formal

    (of campaign)
    prosecución feminine