Translation of proselytize in Spanish:


convertir, v.

Pronunciation /ˈprɑs(ə)ləˌtaɪz//ˈprɒsɪlɪtʌɪz/

transitive verb

  • 1

    to try to proselytize people tratar de convertir a la gente
    • Christianity, Islam, and Sikhism were all proselytizing religions, with active mechanisms for conversion; Hinduism was not.
    • An individual can convert without having been proselytized; proselytizing, however, is a natural accompaniment to conversion.
    • She was aggressively proselytized by local church authorities and told that she would never see her lost children if she didn't convert and accept baptism.
    • They have every right to engage in proselytizing, but before they begin proselytizing Jews, I wish they knew a lot more about Judaism.
    • North America attracted the English Crown as a forward base to attack Spain's possessions, and the Church of England fitfully heeded biblical imperatives to proselytize the heathen.
    • The Academy has been fighting controversies over the past two years, including allegations that evangelical Christians on campus have been overzealous in proselytizing other students.
    • Today's evangelicals, like 16 th-century Protestants, seek to proselytize and convert in ways that today's mainline largely does not.
    • But he's careful not to proselytise, to seek converts to the Sikh tradition.
    • A central plank of this policy is that the sharing of personal belief ‘must not include proselytising (seeking to convert) others about a particular faith’.
    • One of the ways the US came to deal with this in a practical manner has been this: churches didn't pay taxes and in return they didn't expect the government to proselytise for them.
    • And since they rely on channels of sociality beyond their immediate context, chains model the idea of proselytising.
    • I don't want to proselytize him like he's done to me.
    • The games present a dilemma for a proselytising church with 60,000 international missionaries.
    • Nevertheless, we are not required to proselytize and attempt to convert others to Judaism, since a good non-Jew is spiritually better off than a bad Jew…
    • Its commitment to open proselytizing and open dissemination of ideas through the printed word was conceivable only in the relatively liberal atmosphere that prevailed in the early days of the July Monarchy.
    • I do think that in the current era I follow His Holiness, the Dalai Lama in thinking that it is not correct or necessary, or even beneficial, to proselytise Buddhism and like convert America to Buddhism or something, as a religion.
    • This is likely to occur in tandem with growth in adherence to another tradition, and this in turn may involve the universalizing or proselytizing character of the other tradition.
    • Most religions tend to proselytize and to accept or encourage marriages with converts, resulting in quite large, genetically diverse populations.
    • Only eccentrics and proselytising zealots can welcome such advances without trepidation.
    • Hunters are even proselytizing women, our primordial gatherers, so that the whole family can go a-shooting.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    hacer proselitismo
    ganar prosélitos