Translation of prostrate in Spanish:


postrado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈprɑstreɪt//ˈprɒstreɪt/


  • 1

    he fell prostrate before the emperor se postró ante el emperador
    • he was prostrate with exhaustion estaba postrado de cansancio
    • she is prostrate with grief está totalmente abatida por la pena
    • So many women would have been hysterical and prostrate with grief by this stage.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (illness) postrar
    the punch prostrated him el golpe lo tumbó
    • Drenched in sweat, they are prostrated by fatigue, ‘sucking in hot air like bellows and breathless in the suffocating heat’.
    • He never doubted, and gratefully recognized, Mary's own contribution to the device of the joint monarchy, and her death on 27 December 1694 prostrated him for months.
    • She quickly ran up to him in time to catch him in her arms and with horror heard the wild scream of the spirit that racked and prostrated the unhappy man.

reflexive verb

  • 1

    • In fact the whole country has seen him on television prostrating himself in front of the Prime Minister's residence, but public memory is short and as you said, he is no celebrity.
    • He spent untold hours in prayer, prostrating himself on the floor of the church at night.
    • The hyena prostrated herself to the earth, throwing herself on her knees, bending her paws, moving her head up and down, looking up into his face, as though she were giving him her promise.
    • Still, however, a Buddhist will prostrate himself and bow his head to the floor three times in front of a Buddha image or a monk as a sign of respect.
    • Some of the men had prostrated themselves flat on their faces, arms outstretched towards the Goddess.
    • When Roshi came out of his room to wash, the monk was prostrating himself outside the door.
    • Did all the many pairs of eyes that must have looked at this sorry text before publication belong to people too busy prostrating themselves in deference to the living treasure who wrote it?
    • Probably, like Lot, he's prostrating himself, falling on his face to the earth.
    • The president was overpowered by the General's position, and prostrated himself as flat as a spider in a deep bow, and apologized humbly.
    • The troll echoed the sentiment and prostrated himself on the floor.
    • But now it's clear that what I should have been doing is prostrating myself on the carpet and having the word ‘doormat’ tattooed on my backside.
    • This is complete nonsense, as anyone who has mistakenly prostrated themselves before the person of their dreams will confirm.
    • The natives who came to see them off prostrated themselves on the ground and cried in farewell.
    • He has been allowed to keep his sword but the next time he swings it around his head and demands that opponents fall down and prostrate themselves in front of him, the sound of muffled laughter will be difficult to suppress.
    • ‘You are Canada's pride. You are Canada to me,’ he uttered, virtually prostrating himself in front of them in hopes of scoring some elusive Alberta votes.
    • He prostrated himself, but his trivial performance only brought on more tears and anger.
    • In Tibet, he goes on a high altitude pilgrimage, a kora or circumambulation, around the very sacred Mt. Kailash, with devotees prostrating themselves on their stomachs around the base of the mountain in a journey that can last for weeks.
    • Your teacher will not wear curious robes or expect you to prostrate yourself every time he or she enters the room.
    • They throw their crowns before this throne and prostrate themselves as servants of this Lord, singing.
    • Another (even greater) problem was that she was unwilling to submit to her dictates or prostrate herself in abject submission.