Translation of prostration in Spanish:


postración, n.

Pronunciation /prɑˈstreɪʃ(ə)n//prɒˈstreɪʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    (in humility)
    postración feminine
    • In the facing of this offensive against the working class, the trade unions have demonstrated their complete prostration to the powers that be.
    • Summing up the unions ' prostration, Mighell complained: " This is a dispute the union most desperately didn't want to be in.
    • This inflated conception of the strength of the Republicans is indicative of the despair of many ex-radicals and their prostration before political reaction.
    • Daschle, who epitomized political cowardice and conciliation, was a fitting symbol of the Democratic Party's prostration before the Bush administration and the ultra-right.
    • French parliamentary elections: political right benefits from prostration of the left
    • This prostration is symptomatic of the present social dynamic in American bourgeois politics.
    • That it did is the outcome of the organization's and its affiliates ' political prostration before the Labour and trade union bureaucracy.
    • In these scenarios, scientists move in a flash of inspiration from prostration in the face of disease to triumph.
    • The prostration of the Party has been amply demonstrated in the California recall election.
    • " Inflation, in its final stages, always ends in prostration, in what modern economists call a ' stabilization crisis. '
    • But Gephardt's campaign essentially collapsed, demonstrating the utter prostration of the trade union bureaucracy.
    • The Soviet working class paid for this by enormous physical and moral decline and was thrown back to the conditions of primitive want and political prostration.
    • Such is the shallowness of contemporary liberalism, and the gullibility and prostration of its representatives in the face of a government determined to go to war.
    • This is a formula for the utter prostration of the working class.
    • The prostration of the Democratic Party cleared the way for Reagan's election in 1980.
    • This outlook is not merely the ideology of Bush and his inner circle, as was made clear by the prostration of the Democratic Party.
    • The prostration of the New York Times is the rule, not the exception.
    • Its support for the war and its prostration before Bush are not only a matter of cowardice.
    • The prostration of the Democratic Party has encouraged the Bush administration to accelerate its attacks on working people.
    • Blairs apparent stature can be accounted for by the prostration of his ostensible opponents.
  • 2

    (from exhaustion)
    postración feminine
    abatimiento masculine
    • It also can present as severe prostration without characteristic signs and symptoms.
    • The eruption tends to become bullous and systemic symptoms, including fever and prostration, are present.
    • Asian ginseng may help with conditions like physical exhaustion, nervous prostration or emotional "burnout."
    • Instead, they sought beautiful scenery to adorn their lives and therapy to soothe the cares and nervous prostration brought on by their intense work habits.
    • Unable to match the Indians' enviable capacity for keeping themselves cool, the animals died of heat prostration.
    • Between June 6 and July 18, forty-seven people were found dead of thirst and heat prostration on the Tohono O'Odham lands.
    • Doctors found that the panda was affected by lung fever together with functional prostration on some organs.
    • Any oil can cause heat retention and heat prostration.
    • When I found him suffering from general debility and nervous prostration.
    • A sudden pale complexion with cold sweat is the sign of sudden prostration of yang qi due to febrile diseases caused by exogenous pathogenic wind-cold.