Translation of protection in Spanish:


protección, n.

Pronunciation /prəˈtɛkʃ(ə)n//prəˈtɛkʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    (act, state)
    protección feminine
    protection from/against sb/sth protección contra algn/algo
    • police protection protección policial
    • to be under sb's protection estar bajo la protección de algn
    • before noun protection money dinero que se paga al chantajista para que no cause daños en un comercio
    • protection racket chantaje
    • These three laws form a perfect circle of logic and protection for humans.
    • The forest trees afford them protection and shelter.
    • The protection these shelters gave to the soldiers is clear to see.
    • The condom offers protection against infections, as well as serious sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV.
    • We agreed and, to this day, those items are safely kept in that bomb shelter under the watchful protection of that community watch.
    • In one incident, he hacked away at the forelocks of horses - leaving them without protection against eye infections.
    • Yes, private residences don't offer adequate protection against nuclear fallout.
    • Family after family were thrown out on the roads for arrears of rent, a rent which in some cases had been trebled, with no provision for their protection or shelter.
    • Some mentioned protection from heart trouble or stroke.
    • The elves had long ago sworn protection of the royal house for future safety of its destined hero.
    • Without termite protection, a house in the southeast is likely to get hit sometime.
    • It provides healthy fats that offer multiple health benefits, like heart and cancer protection.
    • ‘The relocation of six houses to ensure its protection and preservation is a very small price to pay,’ she added.
    • You may be able to avoid prevailing winds by locating your deck where the house will provide some protection.
    • He'd been so kind, offering shelter and protection and a friendship that she wanted very, very badly.
    • As an added bonus, this daily dose may provide heart disease protection.
    • By 1937 police were to discourage applications to possess firearms for house or personal protection.
    • It's best to plant them on the south side of the house to provide winter protection.
    • It's difficult to ask the person who drives you places and makes phone calls for you to call or take you to a shelter for protection from them.
    • This strategy not only emphasized the status of the paramount chief, but it also pushed the undefended villagers to the centre for protection in the event of an attack.
  • 2

    protección feminine
    protection against sth protección contra algo
    • It outlines legal protections for privacy and summarises important issues relating to surveillance.
    • There is no doubt that the Parliament could so legislate, constitutional protections aside.
    • They will have no right to a lawyer or other constitutionally guaranteed protections.
    • It does give us certain legal rights, protections and responsibilities, and that seemed like the main reason to do it.
    • Roommates, siblings, and other human arrangements would benefit from such legal protections as a civil union.
    • They are no longer protected by even the most elementary legal protections.
    • State laws providing additional protections to consumers are not affected by this new rule.
    • Is minority self-government subject to constitutional protections of individual civil and political rights?
    • A private school may not offer the legal protections given to public school students.
    • Gay and lesbian couples are already raising children, and those children need legal and social protections.
    • The idea that the state has to prove the guilt of an accused person and that we are innocent until proved guilty is a protection for all of us.
    • While the legal protections are mostly clear, some parts of internet libel law are still unsettled.
    • These procedures sound gentle but they also have the virtue of being cheap and fast, since normal legal processes and protections can be skipped.
    • It is normal practise to suspend many legal protections during wartime.
    • It raises questions about protections for the rights of individuals.
    • There will be additional protections for workers categorised as vulnerable under the Act.
    • It brings a lot of the workers under legal protections of U.S. labor law, which should benefit them.
    • But women who have been trafficked are still not guaranteed any protections under law.
    • There must be some advertence to the protections afforded by the Charter for trial within a reasonable time.
    • She also said the law does not violate constitutional free-speech protections.