Translation of protective in Spanish:


protector, adj.

Pronunciation /prəˈtɛktɪv//prəˈtɛktɪv/


  • 1

    (headgear/covering) protector
    (clothing) de protección
    • Other male contraceptive formulations in production have been shown to decrease good HDL cholesterol levels, which are protective against heart disease.
    • Affluent populations are, in general, the first to take up practices that are perceived as protective of child health; in the latter part of the decade, this meant declining immunisation.
    • In epidemiologic studies, whole grains, vegetables, and fruits are often more protective against diseases than fibre supplements.
    • Although carbohydrates boosted blood sugar, protein produced stable glucose levels that may be more protective against afternoon tiredness.
    • So in terms of making the country work to be protective against these kinds of things, we have a way to go.
    • Surely, it was an inconvenient oddity - the thin silk kimonos favored by geisha were more decorative than protective against the elements.
    • They are calling for protective barriers to be put in place and intend to raise awareness on this issue at the ceremony.
    • Elevation and windage are adjustable by removing the two protective covers over the setscrews on the front of the sight housing.
    • But there is no treatment known to eliminate them, although the antioxidants in fruit and vegetables are protective against many things.
    • Evidently, whatever sort of debilitating bug was on that disk, it had so far managed to get past one of the best protective programs available.
    • The blade body consists of a spar assembly, leading edge protective strips, skins over a honeycomb core and a trailing edge strip.
    • He added: ‘Anyone moving sandbags should do so carefully as they are heavy, and people should wear protective gloves.’
    • One day I opened up a disposable camera package in my classroom, which came in an anti-x-ray metal foil packet and was wrapped in a cardboard protective lining.
    • And that's not to mention research showing that beer is protective against gallstone formation, osteoporosis and even diabetes.
    • However, we do also know that activity is good for you, and even protective against some of the more terminal conditions that we can get, like the aforementioned heart attacks.
    • Antioxidant micronutrients found in fruits and vegetables have been shown in numerous studies to be protective against cancer.
    • A diet rich in antioxidant vitamins (A, C and E), available in fresh fruit and vegetables, is thought to be protective against stomach cancer.
    • As he arrived he saw neighbours being forced back from the house by the intense heat of the inferno, and dashed towards the end terrace house without stopping to put on any protective fireproof clothing or his breathing gear.
    • These protective zones also surround public and private vehicles.
  • 2

    (attitude/feelings) protector
    he feels protective toward them tiene una actitud protectora para con ellos
    • All fathers act a little protective, especially to their daughters.
    • These systems are often rigidly organized and protective of their members.
    • Could it have anything to do with my dog being protective of me?
    • He thought of her as his little girl still, so sometimes he was a bit protective.
    • Suddenly, I'm feeling a bit protective of her, too.
    • Females are protective of their young and care for them for about a year, even though the young are weaned and begin hunting for food at about two or three months.
    • As such, he was steeped in the culture of his job - this means that he was protective of his trust assets and of his beneficiaries' apparent requirements.
    • Plus, much as I hated Rachel, she was my sister, and I guess I was a little protective.
    • I guess I was a bit protective of Beth, but she was my cousin and one of my best friends, and I knew Jake and Matt too well to want her to be with either of them.
    • My parents raised him to be respectful of all women, and he is protective of me and my mother.
    • They stated being protective of their time, cautiously deciding how it would be best utilized.
    • The intelligence community will always be protective of sources and methods.
    • Still, she could help but feel a little protective.
    • I understand why he is so protective of his only girl, but sometimes it eats me up inside that I have to lie to him constantly.
    • Four girls appear, dressed in white afternoon dresses with full skirts and short sleeves, the picture of mid-adolescent or young womanhood, protective of each other in a two by two pattern.
    • I knew he must have been kidding, but I felt a bit protective about Stephanie, even though she completely hated me.
    • His mother was protective of him - she had been ever since his father had died - but she wasn't letting him live his own life.
    • He is somewhat of a loner, rather introverted, and protective of his ‘space.’
    • He also is protective of his Hall of Fame legacy.
    • Be protective of your account numbers, passwords and Social Security number.