Translation of protocol in Spanish:


protocolo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈproʊdəˌkɔl//ˈproʊdəˌkɑl//ˈprəʊtəkɒl/


  • 1

    protocolo masculine
    • We have no protocol of behavior, and this is far more dangerous than these physical diseases.
    • The Minister also announced that eventing, dressage and some other equestrian activities will be permitted to resume in accordance with agreed protocols.
    • Anyhow, as barbeque protocol dictates we all ate far too much.
    • He was trying to establish protocol, but she wasn't helping him by being so amenable.
    • Manners and protocol are society's standard operating procedures, codes of conduct, and accepted customs.
    • But strict protocol requires victims to first seek referrals from the police.
    • That would be a break from protocol in these situations.
    • He is a quiet man, courteous and punctilious on form and protocol.
    • Though she attends a widow's support group, there seems to be no established protocol for telling a new partner about being a widow.
    • Protocol dictates that officers remove their caps when entering the courtroom.
    • While no protocol can anticipate every situation, common sense and good judgment will be our guiding principles.
    • I know all these women are experienced campaigners, but how rewarding to see that they are all still enjoying their game, observing the protocols, and displaying excellent sportsmanship.
    • Other staff members want to record the count as incorrect but not follow the established protocol for an incorrect count.
    • They think that flags should be used with respect for the ideals that they symbolise, and in accordance with established protocol.
    • In this particular instance, a temp employee made a mistake and did not follow our established protocol, and we regret any inconvenience this may have caused.
    • But museum bosses have now decided to eschew accepted protocol because they believe museum visitors should have the opportunity to join the discussion about whether mummies should be shown.
    • They even laugh and smile when she gets the protocol at formal events a little wrong.
    • What are its core functions and ‘sacred cows’, and what are formalities and protocols that are of secondary import?
    • The producers have agreed to certain protocols that should increase the actors' safety while performing on stage.
    • He said he obviously went against established protocol.
  • 2

    (of contract, treaty)
    protocolo masculine
    • The fact that Zambia had signed several trade protocols meant that there were ready markets for local goods in far flung places like Europe.
    • Despite signing the protocol, the Turkish government is refusing to open up its ports and airports for travel to and from Cyprus.
    • He liberally cites, for instance, all the protocols of the party congresses and conferences published throughout the 1950s and 1960s as if they are reliable.
    • Such a cut was almost certainly infeasible when the Clinton administration signed the protocol in 1997.
    • Hostilities ended in August when Spain signed a peace protocol in Washington.
    • The protocol was signed by all parties in the agreement and sent out to the relevant authorities.
    • Which is correct - the Prime Minister's statement, or the protocol that was signed off on 18 June 2001?
    • Last May, they unanimously passed a resolution encouraging the government to sign the protocol.
    • According to the report, the ministries of external affairs, finance, labour and commerce have already agreed on the draft agreement on the protocol to be signed with the US.
    • But it's not just in the area of international treaties and protocols where Australia has developed a more selective and reactive stance.
    • Eleven member states agreed under a protocol to accept the Chapter, which Britain did not sign.
    • Why did New Zealand sign and ratify a protocol that has already agreed to set rules for liability and redress for damage, if it now intends to undermine the treaty by suggesting that rules on liability may not be necessary?
    • However, the passage of this bill will enable New Zealand to become party to the firearms protocol.
    • As with private contracts, so with international treaties and protocols.
    • On 1 September 2000, twelve countries, including Mauritius and South Africa, signed a trade protocol to have zero duty trade.
    • He said the City hoped to have all the necessary parties sign the protocol by the end of May 2005.
    • The Commission signed financial protocols with the member states on their respective responsibilities with regard to the management of EU monies.
    • The Netherlands is very serious, as is Europe, about this issue, and I believe that the Russians will sign the protocol - but let us wait and see.
    • It said a protocol would be signed during the pre-summit ASEAN Economic Ministers Meeting in Singapore in November.
    • Under him, furthermore, a growing number of international protocols and treaties have been abandoned or repudiated.
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    protocolo masculine
    • Recently, it's started to be used for Internet communication protocols and other network applications.
    • Using ubiquitous internet protocols like XML and HTTP, web services allow the sharing of data or logic over the network and even through firewalls.
    • Internet mail protocols - the technical rules that govern how messages are transmitted - need revamping.
    • Typically, a firewall lets HTTP requests pass through - HTTP being the standard protocol for transmitting webpages.
    • The team built the platform on Internet communication protocols.