Translation of prototype in Spanish:


prototipo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈprəʊtətʌɪp//ˈproʊdəˌtaɪp/


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    prototipo masculine
    (model/system) (before noun) prototípico
    • Now it's doing so in two places: A second version of the prototype just opened in Chestnut Hill, Mass.
    • Technical product feasibility in terms of storage density, performance and reliability was demonstrated in recent experiments using the prototype on display.
    • The prototype vehicles were tested, modified and the process repeated as necessary.
    • Flight trials of the prototypes were successfully completed by 1997, and the aircraft entered production in 1998.
    • One big drawback: the prototype emission control device they tested cost thousands of dollars.
    • Thanks to advances in computing, materials, and robotics, several startups have developed flying car prototypes.
    • The prototype is fitted with an array of computer sensors, web cameras, manoeuvreable surfaces and a new battery pack design, as well as a tiny parachute.
    • Since then, he and two graduate students have revamped the prototype, improving its range and sensitivity.
    • We built the prototype almost entirely of off-the-shelf components, reducing cost and speeding development.
    • The prototype device for dolphins will be tested by one of the two Scottish trawlers fishing for sea bass in the Channel this month.
    • Do you have a prototype, sample or demonstration of an implementation of the idea?
    • Ferguson's team has developed a prototype of the device and hopes it will be available within 18 months.
    • This device, at the prototype stage, is expected to cost $20 and act as a Web access device.
    • To date the ability to view a vehicle down to the finest detail has only been possible by physically building a prototype, a long and costly process.
    • The note in question is a Japanese 1,000 yen bill that was probably a prototype of a new high-tech banknote.
    • The rest of the team is still being assembled, and a prototype has yet to be made.
    • It's only a prototype, but some researchers imagine the water-skimming robot could have many uses.
    • By late 1937 he had designed, built and successfully tested both a semiauto rifle and a prototype light machine gun.
    • Future skin prototypes likely will have a higher density of sensors on the skin, which will provide the robots with even greater dexterity.
    • The demo shows off how well their prototypes can do this.
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    (typical example)
    prototipo masculine
    prototype of sth prototipo de algo
    • Cities like Istanbul and Baghdad present a prototype of the concentric design.
    • However, he always failed to mention that the techniques, colors, and perfect execution of the nineteenth-century examples easily distinguish them from their antique prototypes.
    • Marble portrait statues, with body types modelled on Greek prototypes, are well represented.
    • New Amsterdam's incorporation as a municipality in 1653 accelerated its transformation into a city consciously modeled on Dutch prototypes.
    • There are various explanatory reasons, so obvious in hindsight that their suppression must be regarded as an original prototype of political correctness.
    • The Gaelscoil building will be a pilot project to the latest specifications with the eventual design to be used as a prototype for the design of schools of its size nationally.
    • Also, the imposing grandeur of classical architecture, especially buildings based on prototypes from imperial Rome, suited the nationalist temper of the times.
    • Quentell's designs later became prototypes for subsequent editions.
    • Built using prototypes designed for sunny Mediterranean climes, the houses became traps for dampness.
    • In both cases the risen Jesus Christ is the prototype and model for the essential transformation of spirit-bearing human beings.
    • Meanwhile several monasteries were built in Kent, their churches closely modelled on Roman prototypes.
    • This model bill became the prototype for most laws passed in America, although few states cast their net as widely as Laughlin advised.
    • The earliest known prototypes of the dictionary were West Asian bilingual word lists of the second millennium BC.
    • This festival, celebrated in California and in New England, is modeled after an Azorean prototype.
    • The Great Northern Railway, for example, chose the rustic Swiss alpine lodge as a prototype for its hotels and depots.
    • Following German prototypes, American designs became radically simplified, and the severity of the geometric designs necessitated the precision of machine manufacture.
    • The legacy of these popular icons was traced in non-Orthodox works executed in Italy and northern Europe through paintings said to be modeled on these Byzantine prototypes.
    • The earlier, topic-based discussion attempts to establish a taxonomy of structural prototypes and gestural categories, from which follow readings of a group of works.
    • Lightweight and consequently easily portable, the Vail-type chair was the prototype for numerous later examples in which the seat folded up against the back.