Translation of protrude in Spanish:


sobresalir, v.

Pronunciation /prəˈtrud//prəˈtruːd/

intransitive verb


  • 1

    (nail/ledge) sobresalir
    a wallet protruded from his pocket una cartera le asomaba por el bolsillo
    • Jude was as thin as a stick and his bones protruded through sallow skin.
    • The white tips are visible, as are their thick woody bases protruding at right angles to the stem.
    • The distal end of the clavicle may protrude slightly upward.
    • Spikes protruded from the rough surface at jagged points.
    • A seed was regarded as germinated when the radicle protruded through the seed coat.
    • When standing, the knees of this figure protrude awkwardly and incised lines in both mobile arms suggest bicep musculature.
    • Many religious figures were seated on three balconies protruding from the temple walls.
    • Their stems and leaves protrude above the water surface.
    • Check all joints to make sure nothing protrudes above the surface.
    • The enemy soldier fell to the ground with the arrow protruding from his back.
    • The bin's lying on its side, and the better part of one side protrudes above the surface of the water.
    • He reached out his arm and felt a large spike protruding from a hard, scaled surface.
    • Leave the finishing nails protruding slightly above surface of the wood.
    • She was sure the apartment above had a lump which protruded upward from the floor.
    • Two large horns protruded out of the forehead and extended slightly upward.
    • The tumors located centrally were polypoid, protruding into the lumen of the bronchus and narrowing the lumen.
    • She held her hand against the throbbing bump that now protruded from her forehead.
    • One of Henry's giant teeth was protruding at an awkward angle.
    • Cut off any unwanted growth and take back older side shoots that protrude too far out.
    • Bent reeds, evenly spaced, protrude upwards.
  • 2protruding present participle

    (chin) prominente
    (teeth) salido
    (nail) que sobresale
    protruding eyes ojos saltones masculine