Translation of proud in Spanish:


orgulloso, adj.

Pronunciation /praʊd//praʊd/

adjectiveproudest, prouder

  • 1

    • 1.1(pleased, satisfied)

      (parent/winner) orgulloso
      (moment/smile) de orgullo
      to be proud of sb/sth estar orgulloso de algn/algo
      • I'm very proud of my son estoy muy orgulloso de mi hijo
      • that's nothing to be proud of no es como para enorgullecerse / estar orgulloso
      • I hope you're proud of yourself! ¡me imagino que estarás muy orgulloso!
      • to be proud to + inf
      • we are proud to present that great singer … tenemos el honor de presentarles al gran cantante …
      • I am proud to have been his friend el hecho de haber sido amigo suyo me enorgullece / me llena de orgullo
      • I would be proud to present the prizes sería un honor para mí hacer la entrega de los premios
      • to be proud that estar orgulloso de que
      • we are proud that our son has been chosen estamos / nos sentimos orgullosos de que nuestro hijo haya sido seleccionado
      • It saddens me to see this proud contest fall into oblivion, for it was once a very important event for American school-children.
      • All she wanted was a father, someone whom she could be proud of.
      • Not only was I proud of my achievements, deep down I believed they made me a praiseworthy and successful human being.
      • We've have a proud history negotiating positive change.
      • We are proud of the quality of scholarship and imagination represented in this issue.
      • Before Labour left office, there was a high level of customer satisfaction of 89 per cent, another achievement to be proud of.
      • I'm very proud of the quality of the work, and most people have no difficulty with that.
      • Other proud achievements of her time in Rochdale were tackling Asian housing problems and homelessness issues.
      • The cousins' parents were delighted and very proud of their sons achievements.
      • The SCLC has a proud history of militant union activity.
      • Finally, I am able to bring you a new dream this morning, on a proud occasion for this website and my other web writings.
      • Head teacher Andrew Cummings said it was a proud occasion for the school and wanted to thank everyone who had been involved for their support.
      • As I said during the last couple of weeks, everyone in our Association is very proud of her achievements.
      • It was a very proud occasion for all involved in the paper.
      • He added his congratulations and said the publication of the book was a proud occasion for the whole area of Ballyroan.
      • This book pays tribute to the artists who recorded the actions of the U.S. military throughout its proud history.
      • But in the end, my wife, whom I'm extremely proud of, gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.
      • We are all very proud of her achievements and delighted her efforts have been recognised in this way.
      • We have passed 40,000 visits here and while that is nothing compared with some sites, I am proud of the quality of readership that regularly visits.
      • The last working dry docks in Greater Manchester are finally being shut down - marking the end of a long and proud history.
      • Both clubs have a proud history and tradition and Sunday's contest will throw-up more than a few interesting individual duals.
      • The centre court is in a class of its own and the Championships boast such a proud history.
      • They have seen good governance, they have seen delivery on promises, and they have seen a leader whom we are proud of.
      • Everyone in the plant is proud of their quality record.
      • I have four wonderful boys who make me so proud to be a Dad.
      • The centre was a proud achievement for all concerned and is a wonderful amenity for all age groups.
      • The Australian Labor Party has a proud history of inclusiveness, embracing a broad range of social, cultural and economic issues.
      • She was to be proud of her heritage, proud of whom she was.
      • The Councillor said the launch was a proud occasion for himself and for the community of Foxford.
      • We felt proud of the high quality provision for our pupils.
      • The Republican Party has a proud history of standing up for freedom and opportunity for all Americans.
      • This party has a long, proud history of opposing anti-Semitism.
      • As a teacher, it was satisfying to see kids proud of their artistic creations.
      • Not many players ever get to do that in any division and I was very proud of that achievement, very pleased with what I was doing.
      • It shows me that this is a maker who is proud of the quality and attention to detail he puts into his work.
      • The after-party was an enormously proud event for me that night.
      • Already hailed by the motoring press, the all-new Fiesta is set to continue the nameplate's proud achievements on the Irish market.
      • He was loyal to and proud of the pupils whom he taught.
      • Another thing I'm proud of was the quality of debating.
      • She talked about the National Party's proud 67-year history of commitment to families.

    • 1.2(having self-respect)

      (nation/race) digno
      (nation/race) altivo

    • 1.3(arrogant, haughty)

      (person) orgulloso
      (person) arrogante
      (person) altanero
      to be proud ser orgulloso
      • she's too proud to admit her mistake es demasiado orgullosa para reconocer su error
      • he looked at them with proud contempt los miró con arrogante desprecio
      • Elizabeth, vain and proud about her legendary beauty, was convinced she'd found the secret of youth.
      • You're arrogant and proud and you have no sense of what's important in life.
      • We never like a person who is haughty, too proud, or condescending.
      • She was my mother's mother, a proud, snooty woman who had never really forgiven my mom for marrying my dad.
      • Colonel Solent was a snobbish, proud man, dressed similarly to his soldiers, but with a blue tunic and red belt.
      • She smiled, a bit embarrassed, a bit proud, pretending to scribble something in her notebook.
      • No, this proud and haughty woman had returned to her father's palace, and was complaining there.
      • I was smug and proud that I wasn't your average male hack comic, but I wasn't showing who I was.
      • He had a proud, smug, smile plastered over his dark face, eyeing Sora knowingly as if he finally got the answer he needed.
      • Bold and proud, the foursome swaggered around the stage as if they owned it.
      • This girl was of a proud and arrogant nature and completely ignored him despite the fact that he met her as often as he could in the society circle in which they moved.
      • He insulted me and accused me of being proud and bigheaded.
      • Her demeanor was proud and haughty, and her stance bespoke power and determination.
      • Aayla didn't think much of him other than he seemed like a nice guy, if a bit proud and on the stuck-up-y side.
      • She seemed quite satisfied and proud of herself for some reason.
      • Her upturned profile, proud but not snobbish, promises to cut through the stormy seas ahead.
      • Entering with his majestic walking stick and brightly-coloured cloth draped over his arm, Mantose appeared proud and arrogant.
      • Her own face had a delicate nose and ears; her eyes had an elegant curve to them, and her mouth was almost haughtily proud.
      • He was proud, arrogant, and most importantly he thought that he was God's gift to women.
      • Previous management were either too proud or too arrogant to accept the fact that their attempts at empire building had gone seriously awry.

    • 1.4(splendid)

      • These names were old, proud and noble; fit to house my heroes in pinstriped jerseys.
      • I also believe that the beaver is a truly proud and noble animal, although I am not Canadian.
      • Dolly's coat is back to almost normal, her tail is bushy and splendid once more, proud and prominent and waving in the air.
      • A table stood strong and proud in the middle of the room with four chairs at each end, standing like solitary guards.
      • Once the proud residences of merchant princes and princelings, they have fallen sadly from grace.

  • 2British

    to be proud sobresalir
    • it's an inch proud of the surface sobresale una pulgada de la superficie