Translation of province in Spanish:


provincia, n.

Pronunciation /ˈprɑvəns//ˈprɒvɪns/


  • 1

    • 1.1(administrative unit)

      provincia feminine
      • Fears among the Protestant community of Northern Ireland that it may be on the verge of losing its majority in the province have been eased in the light of the results of the 2001 Census.
      • Engcobo is also one of the poorest districts in the province with 76 percent of the population living below the poverty line.
      • Incidentally, alderman is an ancient title of rank, dating back beyond the Norman Conquest, indicating someone ruling a province or district.
      • During the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries AD, the region was administered as a province of the Mogul Empire.
      • That country is made up of three old Ottoman Empire provinces and they do have secessionist tendencies.
      • There is fear that division of the province will ultimately see a dramatic increase in the numbers of military personnel stationed in the contested territory.
      • Although there are provincial divisions, provinces tend to identify with one another by region.
      • More than 100,0000 pamphlets backing the strike call are being distributed to the provinces ' 50,000 teachers.
      • Authorities in the Pakistani province of Baluchistan say most of the province's 26 districts are suffering from severe famine as a result of the drought.
      • It's time to create a country for the county, for the district, for the province, and step by step create the normal civilian life for them.
      • In the early nineteenth century, Egypt was formed as a centralized state out of a province of the Ottoman Empire.
      • For more than 400 years, Bosnia was an important province of the Ottoman Empire.
      • The civil administration of the empire was divided into provinces, each administered by a governor.
      • Syria has in effect run Lebanon, once part of the Syrian province of the Ottoman Empire, ever since the end of the 15-year-long civil war in Lebanon.
      • DARIUS I instituted a major reorganization of the administration and finances of the empire, establishing twenty provinces ruled by Satraps.
      • Transylvania and eastern Hungary became autonomous provinces of the Ottoman empire.
      • To get to oil, diamond and gold rich provinces and districts in most countries of the world, one requires permission and a pass for the visit.
      • The school is in a poor district of the province and students often go without the simplest of items, let alone educational funds.
      • Up until 1830 Algeria was an autonomous province of the Ottoman Empire.
      • The train is intended to ease congestion caused by more than 300 000 cars a day travelling between the province's two principal cities.

    • 1.2Religion

      provincia feminine
      arzobispado masculine
      • The seven new shared schools are to be built in the ecclesiastical province of Glasgow, which comprises the three dioceses of Glasgow, Motherwell and Paisley.
      • Bishop Packer will act as chief consecrator on behalf of the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Metropolitan of the province.
      • How has the Lambeth decision affected the Anglican provinces around the world?
      • The American Church is the wealthiest of all 38 Anglican provinces, and dioceses such as Liberia are almost entirely dependent on its support.
      • Along with the Diocese of Ferns and Ossory it is part of the Dublin province with the Archbishop of Dublin as its metropolitan.

    • 1.3provinces plural

      the provinces las provincias

  • 2

    • 2.1(area of knowledge, activity)

      terreno masculine
      campo masculine
      that's outside my province ese no es mi terreno / campo
      • Mr Holloway said it was not his province to decide on his own jurisdiction; he could enquire into it, but only make an observation.
      • To my fancy he was making a great fuss about nothing, but it was not my province to say so.

    • 2.2(area of responsibility)

      competencia feminine
      this isn't my province esto no es de mi competencia