Translation of provision in Spanish:


provisión, n.

Pronunciation /prəˈvɪʒən//prəˈvɪʒ(ə)n/


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    • 1.1

      (of funding) provisión feminine
      (of food, supplies) suministro masculine
      (of food, supplies) aprovisionamiento masculine
      • He added the key objective of the service is the effective provision of the out-of-hours for urgent cases, which will be prioritised.
      • Chiluba said although the backbench was cardinal to ensure delivery of services and provision of checks and balances to the executive, they should bear in mind that they could not exist in isolation.
      • A Gravesham Council spokesman said it is investigating low-cost security systems for taxis and holds regular meetings to highlight issues and provision of taxi services.
      • He pledged to continue negotiations with the Health Service Executive on the issue of extending the centre and provision of special sheltered housing.
      • The provision of 8,000 social and affordable houses per annum would go a long way in addressing the ever increasing Local Authority housing waiting lists.
      • The CEO went on to detail interim measures which include the provision of ten extra beds at Carlow District Hospital.
      • REPORTS OF protests regarding service delivery and the provision of much-needed housing have resounded across the nation in the last two weeks.
      • To improve their return on investment, they would include a number of value-added products, which could include provision of security services, cleaning and even broadband access.
      • The contract will include provision of hardware, software, infrastructure and service level agreements for the next three to five years.
      • The provision of housing for the poor and needy is the responsibility of the NHA or whichever new body has taken over from it and I would have preferred to see help for Lynch come from this quarter.
      • The report's findings suggest that measures beyond the mere provision of housing are required to address the needs of family groups facing a housing crisis.
      • Direct services include referrals, provision of information, mental health counselling, advocacy work and financial assistance.
      • Services include provision of information on cancer, counselling and reflexology and massage therapies.
      • Allbaugh said he was helping private companies, including his clients, cut through federal red tape to speed provision of services and supplies to the storm-wracked region.
      • The brief includes affordable and disabled-friendly housing, parking provision and a commitment to retaining historic buildings.
      • He had discovered it on the internet and he said that it seemed to shed considerable light on the issue of provision of services at local hospitals.
      • Even in overcrowded tenements and illegal settlements, the densities are rarely too high to pose problems for the cost effective provision of infrastructure and services.
      • The Government's provision of a limited amount of more money is welcome.
      • However, the telcoms regulator stopped short of extending the USO to include the mandatory provision of broadband and mobile services.
      • The Iraqi government must be free to set their own tax rates and decide over the nature of contracts and provision of services within Iraq.

    • 1.2(what is supplied)

      educational provision is inadequate los recursos de que se dispone en materia de educación son insuficientes
      • how can we improve existing social provision? ¿cómo podríamos mejorar los servicios / las prestaciones sociales existentes?
      • there is very good provision for the elderly las necesidades de los ancianos están muy bien atendidas

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    (preparatory arrangements)
    previsiones feminine
    to make provision for the future hacer previsiones para el futuro
    • inadequate provision had been made for these cases no se habían hecho previsiones adecuadas para estos casos
    • provision has been made for bad debts se han tomado medidas en previsión de deudas incobrables
    • she made no provision for him in her will no le dejó nada en el testamento
    • we've made provision for all eventualities hemos previsto cualquier eventualidad
    • the policy makes no provision against accidental loss la póliza no cubre los casos de pérdida accidental
    • To make provision for such an eventuality the replay is going to have to have a very early start, possibly as early as 12.30.
    • When will international companies make provision for those employed now to have a future when the mine closes down in 10 years' time?
    • But Standard Life fears that any more confusion in the market place will have an adverse affect on savers, causing more people to spurn making proper financial provision for their future.
    • We are electrifying the system as we go to make provision for future developments, Mr Lalor said.
    • But a new site for the spacious museum will have to be found as the development plans do not make provision for it as it currently stands.
    • But it is the duty of government to make provision for the future and to keep its citizens equipped to compete in a globalised market.
    • Meanwhile, financial advisers should be urging clients to make provision for long term care now ahead of an anticipated explosion in demand for nursing home places, Capaldi said.
    • Some discussed their desire to ‘plan’ and make provision for their death.
    • He said the initial simple idea of a bridge had been further complicated and made more expensive by the requirements to make provision for cyclists, horse riders and disabled people.
    • The Victorian statute and the Tasmanian statute are the only ones that make provision for financial loss.
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    disposición feminine
    under / according to the provisions of the treaty … según lo que estipula el tratado …
    • I'll do it, subject to one provision lo haré con una condición
    • with the provision that … con tal de que …
    • He was told that he was not allowed to go there or to be there under the provisions of his parole conditions, but nothing was done.
    • Mr Walsh said extending the labelling provisions to cover food service can be done without adding costs to the sector.
    • Additionally, it made clear the judge had submitted a tax clearance certificate and a declaration, as required under the provisions of the Standards in Public Office Act.
    • If you want me to proceed to trial in respect of Mrs. C then under the provisions of the Law Society guidelines I am required to notify you of my terms of business.
    • Under the provisions of the Family Law Act, section 36, he had no jurisdiction to make an occupation order.
    • He thereby became a reservist and for six years liable to recall as such under the provisions of the Reserve Forces Act 1996.
    • If anything herein contained to be invalid or unenforceable under the provisions of said act such circumstances shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other part or term of this Bill of Lading.
    • There were 14 jurors empanelled, one of whom was discharged under the provisions of the Juries Act before the trial commenced.
    • Prior to the 8th January the facts in the public domain included that the boys were held under the provisions of section 53 of the Children and Young Persons Act 1933.
    • There was a hue and cry over her statement as the defence counsels brought to the notice of the judge that her rhetorics would invite legal actions under the provisions of the special Act.
    • The Minister is the person who is liable to sue and be sued under the provisions of that statute.
    • The Bill also proposes to strengthen provisions relating to the supply of liquor to minors and to strengthen liquor advertising law.
    • Dr. Klassen is required to disclose his report under the provisions of the rules.
    • Alstom submits that its obligation to proceed under the provisions of clause 2 was subject to two contingent conditions precedent neither of which were satisfied.
    • Under the provisions of rule 49.10, the successful parties would ordinarily be entitled to substantial indemnity costs.
    • But you cannot be a registered holder unless you are registered under the provisions of this deed as the holder of a unit.
    • Veterans denied a pension and incapable of supporting themselves might seek charity under the provisions of the Poor Laws.
    • Just what that guarantee might be Airshow hasn't said, but it would likely include equipment buy-back provisions should Globalstar ever go off the air.
    • At the end, it would be possible for Mr Young to apply for a further term under the provisions of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954.
    • There is no basis under the provisions of the Immigration Rules for him to be admitted here.
  • 4provisions plural

    provisiones feminine
    víveres masculine

transitive verb

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