Translation of prowess in Spanish:


destreza, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpraʊəs//ˈpraʊɪs/


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    destreza feminine
    habilidad feminine
    he's always boasting about his sexual prowess se está jactando siempre de sus proezas sexuales
    • Ontario has crews that are second to none in terms of their skills and technological prowess.
    • For years now my culinary prowess has extended no further than sticking a chicken in the oven.
    • Yet they have the ability, potential, talent and prowess to go for big scores.
    • The children at the end of the camp took part in a competition to show their prowess and several of them won prizes.
    • Her athletic prowess was demonstrated in the numerous track and field trophies she won.
    • He is agile in the field and also possesses accurate throwing prowess from the deep.
    • This album exposes him as an unremarkable singer, largely devoid of charisma or vocal prowess.
    • You are applauded for your professional prowess and dexterity in a business venture.
    • The American scientist was to be prized not just for intellectual prowess, but technical facility.
    • Let's hope that the remaining garden shows go all out to beat their predecessors in culinary skill if not theatrical prowess.
    • And his fame has nothing whatsoever to do with his prowess on the football field or in the political arena.
    • It is the academic prowess or skill that speaks, not the physical appearance of the beneficiary.
    • These factors, he claimed, were an indicator of the industrial prowess of a nation.
    • Padraic will also be remembered for his prowess on the football field.
    • Fathers looked proudly upon children who showed prowess in these extracurricular activities.
    • Many music lovers seem to think that unlike her acting prowess, her singing talents needs to be honed.
    • He impressed judges with his business prowess and the commitment he has shown in fostering more than 60 children.
    • He added that irrespective of technical prowess, security consulting required more than just technical skills.
    • Yet for all her athletic prowess, Serena Williams is not content to remain just a tennis star.
    • When he returned, despite his academic prowess, his social ability was about 10 years behind.