Translation of psychedelic in Spanish:


(p)sicodélico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌsʌɪkəˈdɛlɪk//ˌsaɪkəˈdɛlɪk//ˌsʌɪkəˈdiːlɪk/


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    • Nobody wants to have kids who are exploring different psychedelic experiences or unusual forms of sexuality.
    • At some point he recalled his fascination with psychedelic mushrooms and LSD in college.
    • In the sixties, he took psychedelic drugs, and much of the art in this exhibit is hallucinatory - a cosmic free-for-all.
    • Hallucinogen researcher Charles Grob says psychedelic drugs have the potential to alter modern medicine.
    • Hagman said the psychedelic effects of the drug included seeing octopus-like creatures, lions with feathers and his long-dead grandmother.
    • Lilly invented the isolation tank (think ‘Altered States’), and was I believe the first person to use ketamine as a psychedelic drug.
    • Scientific interest in human consciousness has spurred a recent revival in psychedelic drug research, and the debate over the therapeutic potential of these psychoactive brews.
    • The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and, so it seemed, half the youth of Britain and America were experimenting with psychedelic drugs; dresses were getting shorter and hair longer.
    • Complementary use of LSD and other psychedelic substances are popular in other subcultural groups as well.
    • Most psychedelic episodes remit within 12 hours and generally do not require medical treatment.
    • Those embracing the concept considered psychedelic drug effects as having great human intellectual potential and promoted their use as a means for auto-therapeutic healing and mind expansion.
    • Two of the study respondents said that they had sought psychiatric assistance because of their psychedelic drug experiences.
    • For a lot of people this description of visions of snakes and animals and an enchanted forest really just sounds like a good old fashioned psychedelic experience.
    • His work on the psychedelic drug culture of the 1960s is controversial because much of the way that US culture still thinks about any drug is in association with the most negative forms of drug abuse and addiction.
    • They said they had great respect for LSD and other psychedelic drugs, and were well aware of their potential dangers.
    • Subjective reports from experienced users of psychedelic drugs can help us gain insights into both the nature of the subjective experience as well as the internal and external factors that affect it.
    • Always at the forefront of change, Ram Dass led the baby boomers to psychedelic drugs, Eastern spirituality and social activism.
    • Arjuna then experiences something that sounds to a modern reader like a psychotic break or psychedelic experience.
    • Several respondents considered their normal psychological condition to be depressed, neurotic, and unstable, and suggested that this had been true before they ever tried psychedelic drugs.
    • The acute effects that may be induced by psychedelic drugs encompass a broad spectrum of alterations in cognitive functioning.