Translation of psychiatric in Spanish:


(p)siquiátrico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌsʌɪkɪˈatrɪk//ˌsaɪkiˈætrɪk/


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    psychiatric social worker asistente social psiquiátrico masculine
    • Faughey lived in the care home next door but one and had been receiving psychiatric treatment.
    • She was also interested in family planning and coping with psychiatric disorders.
    • He was accused of smoking cannabis on tour and once ended up in a psychiatric ward after an emotional breakdown.
    • In free societies only psychiatric patients are routinely treated against their will.
    • No doubt a well-timed psychiatric referral of a suicidal patient can sometimes save a life.
    • No severe psychiatric illness was observed except for one patient with schizophrenia.
    • It emerged that Sharpe had a history of mental instability and had had psychiatric treatment.
    • A psychiatric patient may have died as part of a suicide pact with another patient, an inquest heard.
    • In other cases the appropriate psychiatric diagnostic category is a somatoform disorder.
    • His injuries have forced him to take early retirement and he now receives psychiatric treatment.
    • He was currently unemployable and had received psychiatric treatment for depression.
    • He has rarely competed this season and is receiving psychiatric treatment for depression.
    • Except for suffering from a psychiatric disorder, the patients were generally healthy.
    • An inquiry is standard practice in cases when a psychiatric patient has killed someone.
    • He had a history of psychiatric problems and was on medication for manic depression.
    • Hutchins is on remand in a secure psychiatric unit while doctors assess his mental condition.
    • In high functioning autism the risk of psychiatric disorders is also increased.
    • Compulsory admission to a secure facility for psychiatric treatment may be necessary.
    • Mr Weston has a psychiatric history and was receiving daily treatment for schizophrenia.
    • He was taken more or less at birth from his mother, who was by then a patient in a psychiatric hospital.