Translation of psychiatry in Spanish:


(p)siquiatría, n.

Pronunciation /səˈkaɪətri//saɪˈkaɪətri//sʌɪˈkʌɪətri/


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    (p)siquiatría feminine
    • If psychiatry is to move forward it is necessary, but not sufficient, to resist state coercion and to listen to patients.
    • Like every other medical science, psychiatry is there to help people, and is built around the scientific method.
    • Biological psychiatry and psychology need to rediscover the question of cure.
    • Community psychiatry is the victim of too many strong opinions.
    • Psychology may have little to gain but much to lose in becoming more like psychiatry.
    • Psychotherapy may be in conflict with biomedical psychiatry in its conceptualisation of mental illness.
    • American psychiatry is said to have changed from blaming the mother to blaming the brain.
    • However, there is a clear conflation of psychiatry / medicine with basic biology.
    • Joze was a leading figure in the field of psychiatry of learning disability.
    • Science is sometimes an art, and psychiatry I would say is as much an art as it is a science.
    • The Jungian approach to treatment is, again, very different from conventional psychiatry.
    • In psychiatry different paradigms and approaches to treatment are hotly contested.
    • Hypochondria today lies in the domain of psychology and psychiatry.
    • In modern psychiatry ECT and psychosurgery are used in a much more discriminate and refined manner.
    • In this country, we fear psychiatry and we fear that it is the peddling ground for pharmaceutical giants.
    • Treatment of psychiatry is not altering the biochemistry of the brain, it's also healing the soul.
    • Freud, the father of psychiatry believed that there is a competition between a son and a father.
    • One of the real tasks in psychiatry is to be able to sit with and experience people in their entirety, and not as a set of boxes.
    • My interest in psychiatry didn't begin with an interest in brain biology.
    • They entered psychology or psychiatry with an interest in understanding people's behaviour.