Translation of Ptolemaic in Spanish:


tolemaico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌtɑləˈmeɪɪk//ˌtɒləˈmeɪɪk/


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    • Her vernacular Dutch writings reflect familiarity with Latin, rhetoric, numerology, Ptolemaic astronomy and music theory.
    • The world was breathing in the Ptolemaic concepts of astronomy for centuries until these were proven wrong by later astronomers and scientists.
    • It is plausible to think that Copernicus' introduction of the heliocentric hypothesis had this effect on the previously unchallenged Ptolemaic earth-centered astronomy.
    • Whatever the differences of detail, the Ptolemaic astronomers all agreed that God and Heaven were located beyond the visible universe, and even the Copernican Digges put them in the outermost region.
    • This was a true revolution in the sense that the Ptolemaic idea of the solar system and its motions was overthrown and ultimately replaced by the heliocentric Copernican picture.