Translation of pube in Spanish:


pendejo, n.

Pronunciation /pjuːb/



  • 1

    pendejo masculine slang
    • I gave a urine sample at the doctor's the other day and there was a pube in it.
    • For more dazzling insights into the history of pubic sciences, please read my PhD dissertation, ‘Is that a pube in my salad?’
    • But you don't have to be embarrassed about your pubes in front of Vippy!
    • I would normally trim excess pubes and then shave to a smooth finish with a Gillette razor.
    • Occasionally, when I'm bored, I'll play with my pubes, twisting them into little spires so they look like a city out of a sci-fi novel.
    • I am afraid it would sink without trace in London - if only because of the pube on the tablecloth when we sat down.
    • For those not ‘in the know’, a pube in a guys toilet bowl is full on target practice.
    • I was walking down the steps of the train station this morning on my way to work, and got that thing; that ‘ow’ feeling you get when a pube has got caught somewhere in your undies.
    • I could do without the grey pubes and the two-day hangovers mind you…
    • I also need to squeeze in a nice, long soak in the bath because my muscles and bones are feeling tired, not to mention that I need to trim my pubes.