Translation of puberty in Spanish:


pubertad, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpjubərdi//ˈpjuːbəti/


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    pubertad feminine
    to reach puberty llegar a / alcanzar la pubertad
    • The onset of acne is usually around puberty, but in a minority of cases it may also start in adulthood.
    • Times have changed; many girls are now reaching puberty at Primary School.
    • Our study indicates that puberty may also be a highly vulnerable period.
    • Islam requires women to cover all parts of their body except their face and hands when they reach puberty.
    • The possibility that puberty is occurring earlier in Britain than previously has caused great interest.
    • Central to this are the sex hormones, which are produced at puberty.
    • An increase in physical size is the first sign of puberty in boys.
    • In a few cases these feelings continue and so the physical effects of puberty can be very distressing and confusing.
    • Then, girls reach puberty before boys and so are more mature in their both their approach to learning and ability to learn.
    • During puberty or nearing menopause, many women have irregular periods so no treatment is necessary.
    • Generally, girls reach puberty approximately six months to a year earlier than boys.
    • If you have not shown any signs of puberty by the age of fifteen, it is a good idea to visit your GP for a check-up.
    • Some children grow slightly more slowly than others and reach puberty later than average.
    • The onset of puberty appears to be triggered by changes in the blood melatonin level.
    • During the years between puberty and the menopause, women's ovaries make a hormone called oestrogen.
    • As puberty begins, your body begins to produce hormones that cause your eggs to mature.
    • Now the gymnasts for instance have been shown to have delayed menarche and also delayed puberty.
    • The magnitude of the difference rises substantially after puberty, but the reason for this change is unclear.
    • This is quite common in adolescents and is often first noted at the onset of puberty.
    • Significant differences in the timing of the onset of puberty between populations are well known.