Translation of public housing in Spanish:

public housing



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    viviendas de alquiler subvencionadas por el ayuntamiento
    (en España) viviendas de protección oficial feminine
    viviendas de interés social feminine Mexico
    (en Río de la Plata) viviendas económicas feminine
    • They face a future without public services and no public housing and it goes without saying that university will be out of their reach.
    • Many residents are activists, driven to speak out on causes affecting residents of public housing.
    • The government provided public housing, and supplied offices and factories to enterprises.
    • We have public housing to provide affordable housing to people on low incomes.
    • He further criticised the government for not telling the public the real cost of providing public housing.
    • There is a shrinking supply of affordable private rental housing, and less public housing each year due to funding cuts.
    • Other poverty programs, such as public housing, are also on the chopping block.
    • Perhaps if councils were once again given the wherewithal to build decent public housing.
    • The waiting list for public housing fell from 150,000 in 1997 to around 92,000 today.
    • There are also extensive public housing projects by the housing development boards.
    • The report also reveals cases of extreme hardship caused by the cutting of government funds for public housing.
    • Old family homes have been destroyed to make way for shabbier public housing.
    • The act also includes a clause enabling councils with a severe lack of public housing to apply for pressured area status.
    • Housing was a serious problem, with half of the population living in squatter huts and only 9 per cent in public housing.
    • At the same time, funds to build new public housing were slashed.
    • But East Harlem isn't the only place in New York with an excess of public housing.
    • Before they began, one third of the population lived in public housing: now less than one-tenth do.
    • There were also ambitious drives to build schools, roads, public housing, and hospitals.
    • It has not been responsible for police, education, public housing or, until recently, social welfare.
    • One thing that has been very good is the increase in public housing and affordable rental housing.