Translation of public sector in Spanish:

public sector

sector público, n.


  • 1

    sector público masculine
    a job in the public sector un trabajo en una empresa estatal / en el sector público
    • before noun public-sector employee funcionario (del Estado)
    • When it makes the move next month, the NHS Confederation will become the first public-sector organisation to be based in Brewery Wharf.
    • And one wonders at the public-sector whistleblowers' consequent employment prospects in the private sector.
    • Post-war public-sector growth in South Africa reflected that in many industrial economies with social democratic governments.
    • Federal aid in this light provides a modest centralization of public-sector finance for the United States as a whole.
    • The current public-sector pay agreement with the State Government prevents the union initiating a pay case at this time.
    • But of all the possible security executive jobs out there, none is probably as challenging as the public-sector job.
    • But couldn't the public-sector unions still trigger a labor uprising?
    • The public-sector activities of child care, education and health care account for a significant proportion of employment.
    • Demonising public-sector employment per se would be unjust and ignorant.
    • The government says it has to limit public-sector pay increases to stick to an IMF-prescribed economic programme.
    • Yet it is widely known that much of the public-sector spending has resulted in substandard infrastructure that has crumbled within a short period of time.
    • Private backers who could afford it foot the bill, and it looks like there may be some cool industrial and public-sector applications.
    • The different circumstances of a public-sector strike also come into play.
    • The workers are members of the NIPSA public-sector trade union.
    • Most public-sector unions in the 1960s and '70s first developed from minority representation.
    • These public-sector funds are uniquely powerful for two reasons.
    • This was followed shortly thereafter by a public-sector wage and hiring freeze.
    • As she put it, each head of a public-sector organisation should be aware of the responsibilities that they assume and what is expected from them.
    • The reason for this dramatic increase in public-sector inflation is that public sector wages are growing at ever faster rates.
    • On the public-sector side, the country's economic slump has caused what many firms see as serious consequences.