Translation of public service in Spanish:

public service


  • 1

    to be in (the) public service ser funcionario (del Estado)
    • Unless we start doing what we can to back them, the public service will be beyond repair.
    • The public service needs to be able to express its view without fear or favour.
    • Could they be brought to account to the people if they mislead our public service?
    • Are we entering the post corporate age of the public service that we saw so much of in the 90s?
    • It all sounds to me like a neat way of ensuring that the public service is stacked with people from the left.
  • 2

    • 2.1(communal provision)

      servicio público masculine
      cuts in public services recortes en los servicios públicos masculine
      • before noun public service announcement / message anuncio de interés público
      • public service broadcasting servicio público de radiodifusión/televisión
      • public service corporation empresa de servicios públicos
      • public service vehicle vehículo de transporte público

    • 2.2(serving the community)

      a lifetime of selfless public service una vida de total entrega al servicio de la comunidad