Translation of publicity in Spanish:


publicidad, n.

Pronunciation /pʌbˈlɪsɪti//pəbˈlɪsədi/


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    publicidad feminine
    • Corporations fear media attention but risk maps have not generated negative publicity in the media.
    • Their purpose is simply to call attention to their agenda and to get free publicity in the news media.
    • Plenty of celebrities complain about media harassment when publicity about their lives is not to their liking.
    • The more media publicity given to that image, the greater is the possibility of the repetition of that image, and they love it.
    • Grace, shy by nature, found the glare of publicity unwelcome.
    • British pop stars will apparently do anything to simultaneously create publicity and detract attention from their actual music.
    • Hema returned home after media publicity led to a furore in the state legislature.
    • In a high-profile case it is likely to have attracted wide publicity.
    • Bail Not Jail has also attracted publicity from other media throughout the week.
    • He won't have enjoyed all the adverse publicity in the media this week surrounding both the club and his job.
    • Tough new Government emergency response targets and adverse media publicity have hit the service hard in recent months.
    • His appearance received a great deal of publicity in the Australian media.
    • There will be extensive publicity in the media both nationally and locally.
    • The organisers were embarrassed by the unfavourable media publicity.
    • I haven't provided any links as I think our poor island already suffers enough bad publicity in the media overseas.
    • To do so would look like I was trying to get attention, to seek publicity.
    • The popularity was due largely to the familiarity with the story, and extensive media publicity.
    • But you shouldn't need to resort to the threat of media publicity to get decent service, should you?
    • Some intense media publicity helped to slow them down, for a while.
    • Not only did he get a lot of publicity in the media, but he also started the trend of using himself in his ads, measuring his celebrity clients.
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    publicidad feminine
    (agent/office/manager) (before noun) de publicidad
    (agent/office/manager) (before noun) publicitario
    publicity campaign campaña publicitaria / de publicidad feminine
    • publicity drive esfuerzo publicitario
    • publicity machine maquinaria publicitaria
    • publicity material publicidad
    • publicity photograph fotografía promocional / de promoción
    • publicity still fotograma publicitario
    • That makes it very difficult on those charged with promotion and publicity.
    • Critics dismiss the massacre as just another cheap publicity stunt.
    • Money awarded has been used to produce publicity stickers which will be placed for the group's work.
    • All the publicity photographs, production shots and even the programme cover had Faye pictured in a golden ray.
    • In any case, don't look to your publisher's publicity department to add much stamina.
    • Noise-making culprits will also be directly targeted in a hard-hitting publicity campaign based on market research.
    • Admittedly, by reporting this blatant publicity stunt, we're fueling it to some extent, and that makes us a tad uncomfortable.
    • Village Scene still needs sponsors and volunteers and has one paid position open as a promotion and publicity sales person.
    • What we need this year is not these kind of publicity stunts, but a generational renegotiation of our relationship with Africa.
    • By this, she means the seemingly endless publicity tour to promote the movie, and the fevered tabloid attention that came to dog her every move.
    • At the fore of publicity and promotion, however, will be the Masters Games.
    • It said early publicity and advertising campaigns had helped to make the events last year so successful.
    • His department has spent £27.3 million on adverting and publicity in just one year.
    • His friendliness to journalists got him free publicity and saved him advertising expenses.
    • There are plenty of production photos and publicity stills, showing off looming shadows.
    • Some people have accused Chen of trying to use Lu as part of a publicity campaign to promote his business.
    • Also, its clear that he's rambling and full of emotion, not making some sort of planned publicity stunt.
    • Despite what the lavish government publicity campaign says, nothing has changed.
    • All the pieces, from casting to production to publicity to marketing have to work.
    • They even produced publicity posters and fliers for the launch.