Translation of publicize in Spanish:


hacer público, v.

Pronunciation /ˈpʌblɪsʌɪz//ˈpəbləˌsaɪz/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (agreement/report) hacer público
    (agreement/report) dar a conocer
    (report/agreement) divulgar
    (agreement/report) publicitar
    • And all this despite widely publicised security fears over Net banking.
    • Yet reporters also have been fired and a small number jailed after angering communist authorities by publicizing corruption and other official abuses.
    • The lamentable standard of their equipment is widely publicised.
    • Animal welfare laws are strictly enforced in the countries abroad and the press also publicises animal abuses very widely, owing to which cases of cruelty to animals are very few, she says.
    • A widely publicized slogan says that there are no trifling matters where the interests of the masses are concerned.
    • Her second space mission was widely publicised and plans made to celebrate on her return.
    • This widely publicised view of today's youth unfortunately makes some people generalise and view all teenagers in the same light.
    • One of the most widely publicized cases, involving two clinics in North Jakarta, occurred in March.
    • Yet they are also very good at calling a rally on the right issue at the right time, and publicizing it widely.
    • He went on to breed cattle and horses, and his schemes were widely publicized in English journals.
    • The punishment was widely publicised in the state press as a warning to other local leaders.
    • Florida made it a point to widely publicize this intimidating fact again this year - until stopped by a court.
    • Since 1992 extra emergency sessions have been held to deal with widely publicized human rights crises.
    • The most widely publicized plastic-bullet injury was a neck injury where a young man will likely never speak again.
    • The trade union movement did not widely publicise the dispute, so that workers outside the immediate area knew little or nothing about the strike.
    • That episode and error were widely publicised at the time and have dominated some obituaries.
    • Whatever happens, if this becomes more widely publicised it will be used as a stick to beat vegans with.
    • Do you like the idea - do you support the idea of these kinds of widely publicized alerts?
    • These could not be sold openly in Chile, but some Americans help to sell them in the United States as a way of publicizing the human rights violations.
    • The widely publicised fear is that this strain of avian flu might somehow mutate into one that could spread from human to human.
  • 2

    • Event sponsorship can also be used to publicize your product.
    • They need to do some good publicising and push their product and beat whatever Sony and MS can do in the marketing.
    • Many sites are backed by companies whose primary purpose is to publicize or sell medications, products, or devices.
    • Maybe you have a product or service to sell, an organization or cause to promote, or a celebrity or politician to publicize.
    • He also plays solo when he can - though sometimes these gigs aren't publicised widely.
    • We set about publicising the meeting as widely as possible.
    • I am trying to compile some internet facts and figures on Zora for use in publicising her.
    • However, not all ads for medical service are banned from inviting celebrities to publicize their products.
    • The original idea of establishing a team and an office to promote, publicize and create books from the expeditions, soon evolved into the Luo Ben store.
    • It makes sense therefore for us as a community based paper to concentrate our energies on publicising and promoting such wonderful work, which is all carried out on a voluntary basis.
    • The book has also been publicized by many conservative groups as a fundraiser.
    • Everyone should be publicising the event as widely as possible.
    • A ship spokesman would not give details of private events planned but said public sessions would be publicised soon.
    • They cut their own salaries in order to afford a new hire - a business-development exec who could publicize the company and bring in new accounts.
    • So rest assured that while we're eager to show our appreciation we would never publicize anyone's name without their explicit permission.
    • Customers can publicize their products and services without necessarily selling anything.
    • Accompanying these changes in substance has been a new Chinese campaign to publicize and promote the country's foreign policy.
    • This would be an ideal opportunity for local producers to publicise their products to the Parisian and French Markets.
    • A large company contracted me to publicize its newest division.
    • But the idea does not seem to be wholly to greet the teams because these companies also publicise their products on these banners.