Translation of pucker in Spanish:


fruncir, v.

Pronunciation /ˈpʌkə//ˈpəkər/

transitive verb

  • 1

    the baby puckered (up) its face and began to cry el niño hizo pucheros / morritos y se echó a llorar
    • Ryan found himself smiling as he just watched her inhale and then exhale her dark red lips puckering and then opening wide.
    • The cherry lips puckered and the brows drew together as she struggled to remember, and I smiled slightly.
    • Use of thicker sheets in fully adhered membranes helps resist puckering and wrinkling.
    • And then, one night, as I put my four year old to bed, I sat next to her and watched the slowing calm of her familiar breathing, her rounded cheeks and lips puckering in and out, as she lay in a cocooned slumber that only a child can know.
    • Livi's neighbor's brow puckered thoughtfully as she read the instructor's criticisms.
    • His eyes opened wide and his lips puckered in a spit.
    • Smokers often end up with telltale lines around their lips (created by repeated lip puckering while inhaling), but the damage doesn't stop there.
    • But ask not for whom the lips pucker, they pucker for thee.
    • Lip lady is puckering fast and furious now and is just about to give up when a yellowed, wrinkled paper falls out from the pile she is holding.
    • His lips puckered and a short, sharp burst of air came forth.
    • Again my fingers passed her lips and they puckered.
    • Her lips puckered for a moment before breaking into a sneer.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    her brow puckered in a worried frown frunció el ceño preocupada
    • pucker up! dame un beso


  • 1

    (in fabric) arruga feminine
    (in fabric) frunce masculine
    (on brow, lips) fruncimiento masculine
    • The stunned looks on the faces of the audience caused her to lose her pucker, proving that you can't whistle and laugh at the same time.
    • He told reporters at the weekend that the bulge was nothing more than a pucker along the jacket's seam when the president crossed his arms and leaned forward.
    • His bible-infused speeches have become as commonplace as his chimp-like pucker.
    • Her fingers are as light as the puckers in her silks.
    • Byrd brings her lessons to us in this book full of tips and exercises to perk up your pucker.
    • Snug each stitch down just until it flattens to the surface; pulling the yarn too tight will create puckers.
    • Your permanent pucker deserves full points because it's just so cute!
    • The eye asks if the green, frilled geranium puckers, clustered at angles on each stem, are similar enough to stop time.
    • There's the sour pucker on a snow lynx, a soulful pout on a groundhog, and a demonic stare on a giant panda.
    • ‘Thank you,’ says the bartender, who does pride himself on his perfect pucker.
    • The result is that once your quilt is washed, the fabrics will exert their own shrinking personality, and you will have a quilt that has puckers - and some patches will pucker more than others.
    • In the earliest stages of embryo development, when there are only a few cells and the embryo resembles a tiny globe of cells, a small pucker develops on one side of the embryo.
    • There you have it - a perfect pucker for any kiss.
    • Any tea-stained paper may dry with puckers or curled edges.
    • High cheekbones and lips that always seemed to be on the cusp of a pucker.
    • His tailor was trotted out to say it was just a seam pucker.
    • She said this while pressing both sides of his cheeks in a grotesque pucker.
    • But sometimes we get frustrated by puckers at the point of the dart.
    • After all, when you're a spy, what's most important is not to inform congressional overseers or educate the American people about intelligence - it's to keep your pucker.
    • Cording pintucks helps eliminate puckers and raises pintucks on heavier fabrics.