Translation of puckish in Spanish:


picarón, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈpʌkɪʃ//ˈpəkɪʃ/


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    • Incidentally, I would note in a puckish vein that Mr. Ryan's letter points to no contrary evidence.
    • It remains an issue worth both puckish and serious consideration.
    • Your finely honed bon mots and puckish conversational sallies will be of no assistance - this woman seems to be listening to something else entirely.
    • Dressed in a dark blue suit, he attempts, successfully at first, to project a businesslike air but it never quite manages to stifle the puckish charmer within.
    • As he loosens up, his voice doesn't get much louder, but displays a ferocious intelligence and barbed wit that are rendered all the more puckish by his understated, boyish delivery.
    • Perhaps it's the nature of his face - it's built to look older than it is, when it's really just odd - puckish, unlovely, something youth never really touched.
    • I thought she displayed a grace and charm in that speech as well as a puckish sense of humor that would make her a very appealing witness before the Judiciary Committee.
    • He writes with a sort of puckish style that belies his conservatism.
    • There is, for a start, a very puckish sense of humour; and a big, infectious, roaring laugh.
    • ‘History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce,’ a puckish German wit once quipped.
    • Her material is good, but her puckish delivery even better.
    • I honestly think he's being puckish with his coy answers, and that he has no intention of being the running mate to a left-liberal Democrat.
    • He is a puckish, straight-talking young man from Brisbane whose unwillingness to mince his words has resulted in friction with his team managers.
    • His publicity pictures show a perky looking man - puckish perhaps - with a cheery grin of white teeth and lightly raised eyebrows like cedillas.
    • A puckish reader, moved by some of Bob's less mainstream opinions, wrote this bit of hilarity
    • Since then, sightings of the puckish scribe have been rarer than those of the reclusive Barclay brothers.
    • He's tanned, there's a puckish glint in his eye and his Coventry accent is proudly unblunted by his years in academia.
    • Clark's puckish grin and chiselled cheekbones finally creep into view.
    • It has a puckish acidic slap as it rushes across the palate.
    • She was becoming more and more puckish, until I called her on it and told her that I realized I was being set-up.