Translation of puddle in Spanish:


charco, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpʌd(ə)l//ˈpədl/


  • 1

    charco masculine
    • Liquid puddles of god knows what all over the place.
    • Rainwater resulted in puddles and kids merrily played with paper boats.
    • To save their broods, they dig canals between dwindling puddles and deeper pools.
    • We splashed through little puddles and ankle deep bowls.
    • Amazingly I managed to avoid stepping in any really deep puddles and drowning.
    • With recent heavy rains the ground is even more saturated now and massive puddles of rainwater cover a large percentage of the site.
    • Lacy was left lying on the ground, in a puddle of mud, naturally.
    • He was dripping water onto the ground, and there was a puddle of rain water forming around his feet.
    • They reached the power supply room to find puddles of blue liquid all over the floor.
    • Lights from above illuminated the puddles of refuse and rain water.
    • I looked down to see that I was standing in a puddle of liquid that had not been there a minute before.
    • The street lights lit up the puddles on the roadsides as if they were pools of liquid light.
    • At one point, he almost slipped in a greasy puddle of liquid.
    • We can teach them that a puddle of fresh rainwater is unpleasantly wet and cold or that playing in it can be fun.
    • Little children carrying large bags and lunch baskets jump the two feet to the ground from the van, in the mornings, hop over puddles of rainwater, to streak into the classrooms.
    • It lay in a puddle of rainwater on the asphalt ground.
    • From a deep gash in her forehead, blood trickled down the side of her face and along her neck, spilling to the ground to form a small puddle of the red liquid.
    • The morning sun shone brightly and its gaze reflected in the morning dew and puddles on the ground.
    • The puddles on the ground were opaque and black.
    • Suddenly, a puddle of water pooled on the snowy ground, before Haywood's feet.